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CoolTemplate: Create a great new web template within minutes


I have always been on a mission to create my own templates, right from simple HTML templates to the difficult counterpart – wordpress templates. If even you are like me, I’d like to tell you about CoolTemplate. CoolTemplate allows you to create a template of your own with no HTML, CSS or PHP knowledge.

Create your own template with CoolTemplate
Create your own template with CoolTemplate

Why use CoolTemplate?

CoolTemplate allows you to create and download:

  1. HTML templates
  2. WordPress templates
  3. Joomla templates
  4. Microsoft ASP.net framework

What makes CoolTemplate special?

According to CoolTemplate:

  • Cool Template is an online web template designer
  • Create fancy page borders with alpha transparencies
  • Use cool drop shadows, glow effects and gradients
  • Choose from over 60 color schemes or create your own
  • Upload your own custom page backgrounds, textures or logo
  • Pick from one, two or three column layouts
  • Customize header, menus, buttons and widget blocks
  • Export to WordPress, Joomla, ASP.net Master Pages or plain HTML templates
  • Or define a custom export to support any web software
  • Design quickly with our fast and responsive AJAX technology
  • No potentially dangerous and troublesome software to download and install
  • Even if you get a new computer or your hard drive crashes your designs will be safely stored on our servers

When you have a lump of love and bunch of fun in your pocket, Who’ll like to wait? So Go and give CoolTemplate a try straight away.

Link: CoolTemplate

Let us know your thoughts about CoolTemplate in the comments and also do let us know if you are aware of an alternative to CoolTemplate.


Google Reader Gears up for the next Generation – HTML5



HTML5 seems to be in rapid development now. All companies and officials are trying to get HTML5 a working release as soon as possible, main reason, demand. Web developers want to get the stable release of HTML5 soon. Google, being one of the many companies developing HTML5 knows about this problem. That’s why they are releasing support for HTML5 way before time.

Google reader has been tweaked up in the past month. The most significant was addition of HTML5 support. Its clear that Google can easily integrate HTML5 as they are the ones who are developing it.

Here are some changes made to Google Reader which is mainly because of the addition of HTML5:

1. HTML5 integration

Google Reader will now support the audio and video tags in HTML5.

2. Added “Not interested”

Now there is a “Not interested” link at the bottom of recommended items, so that you can both hide that item and provide your like & dislike.

3. Update reminder

To keep you updated, a small banner appears, stating “A new version of Google Reader is available” whenever a new version is released. Incidentally, it’s the 500th version of Reader over the 5 years.

4. Improvements to Reader Play

When you hit space (or shift-space), you’re now automatically moved between posts, and for posts with multiple images, cycled through each image. Also added made Play more configurable by letting you change URL used: If you add welcome=0 query parameter skips welcome screen for new & signed-out users. An autoplay=1 query parameter start moving through posts automatically. A #feed/<URL> fragment display specific feed. You can combine all these to make automatically playing slideshows of favourite photo-blogs.

5. Improved Speed

Of course there should be no doubt on this one. HTML5 has major speed improvements and Google is slowly implementing them. Home view loading is now faster, and Send to functionality being less susceptible to being stymied by popup blockers when used with services such as Twitter.

Other changes due to HTML5

Google Chrome 5 Speeds Up with HTML5

Google Chrome HTML5

Why Apple chose to use HTML5 instead of Flash for the iPad

Flash vs HTML5

End of Flash – The future of Graphics

HTML5 Punch

Google Chrome in 3D – First ever browser in 3D

Google Chrome 3D

Internet Explorer 9 with major improvements

Internet Explorer 9 HTML5

Google Wave – A HTML5 App

Google Wave

Switching to HTML5 ?

Google is slowly switching to HTML5. So are many other big companies. But if your a web developer wondering whether to switch to HTML5, I would say that this is not the time. Big companies like Google and Apple have added parts of HTML5 into their servers, not a complete change. HTML5 is still not stable. But since Google is the one that’s making it, they’ll know much better whether they should switch to HTML5 or not. We still have to wait till HTML5 gets is official release to know whether its a good choice to switch to HTML5.


Add Cool Effects to your Website


Recently I put my blog on under construction mode and added some effects. I got 3-4 emails from people asking how did I made that effects. Well I used some codes…

I will now tell you how to add these effects to your website. 🙂 I don’t know if it will work on wordpress oe not because I haven’t tried it yet but it works fine in HTML Websites.


To use this code first of all open the page (you wish to add effect on) in any editor.

Save any of the below images and upload to your server or anywhere on the web:

Or you can use your Picture.

Now paste the following code in <BODY> tag of your site.

Now Save the Page and you are done…. 🙂


Do the same thing you did earlier. Open the page and edit.

In the <BODY> tag paste the following Code:

Add a cool mouse trail in the website.

Again save the following image and upload and paste in code.

Now open the page and Paste the following code in <BODY> tag.

Save the page and another cool effect. 🙂


Online tool for Converting any Webpage to PDF Easily for free

Do you want to save a piece of content for later read ? or If your site is featured somewhere you might like to capture that moment for posterity. Then all you need is HTML to PDF converter. It will take care of your webpage convert easily to pdf file.

Free HTML to PDF converter or Web to PDF Converter is an online tool which helps you to convert the webpages to PDF files for later use. You might have used many tools like this, but I loved this one because of it’s interface. No annoying ads and stuff.

Just enter the url of the page and hit Make PDF, it takes some 10 to 15 seconds and then automatically downloads to your folder. You can use adobe reader or any pdf reader to read the page.

HTML PDF Convert – Homepage

The best method to share content you find online in the exact shape that you found it.