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Google Talk Lab Edition Sucks !!!


Google recently unveiled it new Google Talk lab edition. its a flash based application which was written from scratch hoping it would change the way one communicates with google talk.

The most noticible feature of the lab edition is the GUI interface . its sleek, but  so is most of the flash based application. Its still under development they say but the complete product doesn’t  look very promising either.
The lab edition doesn have most of the feature the original one flaunts.For  Eg

  • Avatar pictures can not be uploaded
  • Voice calls and file transfers can not be performed
  • Duplicate chats show up while chatting from within Gmail while Google Talk, Labs Edition is running Google Talk, Labs Edition does not support some authenticated proxies YouTube or Google Videos do not provide the ability to seek outside the currently buffered content
  • Copy/paste not fully functioning in chat windows. This is a limitation of having a Flash-based user interface

The question is very simple why do something new when there absolutely no  postive change .

There are not many new feature which help.
The only improvement one can find is

  • Tabbed chat window
  • Calender notification
  • group chat

An thats it!!!!!! Nothing new.
visit http://www.google.com/talk/labsedition/index.html to download google lab Edition
if you finding anything else interesting leave a comment


Do Google Search Directly From Gtalk


One More Lazy way to Search in Google! Yes Here it is..
We all Know We Use Gtalk to Chat and Talk with Our Gmail buddies. Have you ever thought how you could Turn your Gtalk Box into a Search Engine?

The Answer is Simple- Inviting Bots!

How to Invite bot who searches your query in Google and returns the search results in Gtalk Chat Box?

Open your Gtalk or Gtalk Gadget in your Gmail. and Send a Chat Invitation to sbot@bot.im

Within No Time, Your Invitation will be accepted and bot starts appearing in your Buddy List.

Now, Start with a query, Search for your favorite keyword by typing it in Chat Box..


You will Receive Top Search Results for your Made Query.. Just Like That as you see in Google.com Page!

Read on The Descriptions and Click on the Links…


search result

Finally you turned your Gtalk box into Search Engine!
Isn’t this handy tool to search? Share your experiences.


Try New Font Styles in Gtalk – Tricks


Gtalk,Product of Google! The best way to Chat on Internet! By Default Gtalk gadget has been Integrated into Gmail, Your Favorite Email Service.

How would You Make your Chatting Experience More Colorful? With Smileys??? It’s all Old.. Let’s Think bit Advanced, How about Changing Fonts and Font Styles during Your Chat?..
Here I have 5 Wonderful Simple Tricks Which allows your Text to Customize!

How to Make your Gtalk Text BOLD?
Appending The asterisk Symbol (*) Before and after your Preferred word.
What Happens? By Including *s at either sides of your word makes it bold!
Have a Look at This Screenshot when *Awesome* is Typed in your Gtalk Gadget..

Gtalk bold Text

How to Make Font Style Italics in Gtalk?
To Make Your Text to appear in italics Just Appened _(under score) before and after your preferred word! Simple, You Got Your New Italics font! _Awesome_ yields you this!
italics font in gtalk

How to Strike A Word in Gtalk?
You can Make any text appear as striked by including hyphen(-) before and after the word!
-Awesome- would result in

striked font in gtalk

How to Highlight a word during Gtalk Conversation?
Append the carat symbol (^) before and after your preferred text in Gtalk. ^Awesome^

Using Mixed Fonts!
Just Mix Up all these Tricks to Create your Own like Bold and Italics, Striked Italics, Highlighted bold and so on!
bold and italics gtalk

Hope You Enjoyed This Post! Do You Know any Similar Gtalk Tricks? Care to Share Here!