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google currents now available

Have you met Google Currents? The next best news aggregator for your smartphone!

Google Currents is the next best app launched by Google recently. You might have already heard about Flipboard. Unlike Flipboard, Google Currents is aimed to provide you a rich magazine like interface for reading blogs and getting the latest news delivered to your Android and Apple smartphones.

Google revealed it in their official blog post on Thursday.

Google currents on ipad and iphone

Flipboard works on the phenomena of finding media news by digging through, you and your friends social networking folder, what they have liked and what they have read recently. But Currents is far more advanced and broad-minded than Flipboard, Google Currents is all about what’s popular and what’s hot around the world. It doesn’t rely on any external sources to aggregate content for you, rather brings you the top articles and topics on what everybody is interested in right now!

Lets hear what BusinessInsider has to say about Google Currents,

“Whereas Flipboard is all about what you’re friends are sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., Currents is about what everyone is reading and sharing.”

If you are already an Androidian, Google Currents has a lot more perks in store for you than the Appleboys. The best perk being the advantage of smooth sharing. On Android, after reading an article if you find it interesting you can further share it just by the touch of a button. Unlike Android, iOS users have to login to each sharing service before they decide to just throw Apple and buy an Android (pun intended) !

google currents screenshot

As Google Currents is currently available only for users in the US i didn’t get a chance to try it yet. But according to many user reviews, i heard the animations and transitions in Google Currents is pretty smooth and eye-pleasing. As a head-start Google Currents gives you a variety of publishers to read from including the famous CNET, Forbes, Huffington Post and AllthingsD. This is a great news for Publishers as well as Readers. Publishers get a broader spectrum to share their content on mobile platforms and Readers get opportunity to stay updated to their favorite topics.

Forbes seen through the eyes of google currents

Google Currents is available for both Android and iOS devices. Head to the download page to experience Google Currents now. Liked Google Currents? Share your views with us.


the carrier iq threat - is it present in your smartphone?

Is your Android handset being compromised without you knowing?

Carrier IQ is the name of the new threat that’s been hitting millions of Android phones worldwide. Apparently Carrier IQ is a phone tracking company that logs information from your specific carrier and sends it to their computers for a complete signal analysis and performance reports. At least that’s what was believed they were doing!

According to a recent discovery by Trevor Eckhart, an Android Security Researcher,

Eckhart shows how software developed by mobile-device tracker Carrier IQ logs each keystroke and then sends them off to locations unknown. In addition, when Eckhart tried placing a call, Carrier IQ’s software recorded each number before the call was even made.

trevor eckhart demonstrating the workings of carrier iq

Image Credit: FoxNews.com

After this leak was known many mobile and smartphone manufacturers such as APPLE, HTC, Samsung and Nokia are denying affiliations to the mobile tracking company Carrier IQ. In fact, APPLE immediately responded when questioned, that it will remove the Carrier IQ completely in a future software update of the iOS 5.

The Android Operating System developer Google has also refused any connections with Carrier IQ and told that Carrier IQ software does not come pre-installed with the operating system and it is not responsible for how carriers and mobile manufacturing companies modify the applications on their devices.

After learning about this new development many multinational companies and famous personalities are demanding for an explanation and are distancing themselves from Carrier IQ because we all know its going down, as the mess is now pretty big!

I think this is a major breach of our privacy and personal lives. What do you think? Share you thoughts and let us know in the comments.

Source: The Verge, CNET, ZDNet

google-plus-now-has-trending topics

Google+ Trending topics is the new trend. Watch out Twitter!

Google Inc. now boasts of a new feature on its beloved social network, the Google+. Its Google+ Trending topics, and believe us they are quite trending.

The Trending topics can be found just at the top right side of the page when you search for anything on Google+. The most recent trends can also be accessed from this page. The trending topics are in real time, so make sure to press the pause button and capture a screenshot just in case you were on the trending list.

Google+ trending topics at a glance

Currently many famous personalities like David Beckham, Michael Bloomberg and Taylor Swift are trending. And there’ also the most recent twilight movie “Breaking Dawn” that’s been trending for quite a while.

The concept of “Trending Topics” was first introduced on the most popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter. And now everyone are implementing it. Google+ also sports a What’s Hot section just in case you haven’t noticed it. It shows you the most hottest articles on Google+, the one that has got a lot of +1’s and shares. And apart from being completely unrelated and off topic it is sometimes nice to see the good stuff!

Google+ - What's hot section

So what do you think about the new Google+ Trending Topics, will it prove to be more trending than Twitter’s trending topics? Share your views with us by a comment!

Source: TechCrunch

Google Music launching very soon

Google Music to debut next Wednesday. Free music on Android!

Have you heard of Google Music? If not then its time to sign up and enjoy listening to free music on your favorite Android device. Yes Google Music is the latest Cloud based Music service launched by the Google Inc. which was introduced early this year. But its going big this time.

Google Music can be streamed directly from your

computer browser or from any compatible Android device. The big new is Google is planning to move Google Music from Beta phase to making it public next wednesday. Google Music is apparently making haste and has still not yet purchased the licenses from the record companies to avail the music rights.

Google Music now in Beta stage

Many famous record companies like Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group haven’t yet finalized the agreement between Google launching its cloud music service. CNET reporters suggest that currently talks are going on but rumors suggests that the results aren’t looking positive.

Google has not had a good run with labels and top entertainment providers such as Viacom recently. Only future will tell us if Google Music will be successfully launched as planned and we all wish it good luck. We all know, by providing music streaming for free, Google Music will become the no. 1 service and will also pose as a threat to Apple’s very own popular cloud music service, iTunes.

If you want you can sign up and request an invite to try out the new music service by visiting Google Music. Please note that this service is currently available for users in United States only as it is in Beta.

Experience Google Music on your favorite android device

Already Android sales have beat iPhone sales this year. Rest assured, Apple will be surely looking for some kind of epiphany to bump its sales if Google Music takes off.

Source: CNET


Google introduces Google plus pages

Google introduces Google+ Pages to everyone! What are G+ pages?


Google unveiled their Google+ Pages to the public. Google+ Pages

are a brand new way you can promote your business, brand and products on the most popular social network Google+.

Vic Gundotra, Senior VP of the Google+ team revealed Google+ pages on the official blog post. According to him,

So far Google+ has focused on connecting people with other people. But we want to make sure you can build relationships with all the things you care about—from local businesses to global brands—so today we’re rolling out Google+ Pages worldwide.

Angry Birds official google plus page

Google+ pages are a great way of sharing our ideas on Google. Our brands get a global reach on the web, not to mention on Google alone plus you can connect your G+ page to your brand website which makes it more official.

With the introduction of Google+ Pages, you can also earn your Google+ page to land as the top search when people search for your brand and they can directly follow your G+ page from then on. This feature makes use of the Google Direct Connect. Gundotra says,

“Maybe you’re watching a movie trailer, or you just heard that your favorite band is coming to town. In both cases you want to connect with them right now, and Direct Connect makes it easy—even automatic. Just go to Google and search for [+], followed by the page you’re interested in (like +Angry Birds). We’ll take you to their Google+ page, and if you want, we’ll add them to your circles.”

Isn’t it creative? But for now the Direct Connect feature is only available for top publishers. If you are looking for a guide to create a Google+ page then stay tuned to Chaaps, coz we will come up with one very soon!

Did you like this article? Share your thoughts with us and tell us what do you think about Google+ Pages! Donot forget to +1 our Chaaps Page


do a barrel roll on google now

I dare you to "do a barrel roll" on Google

Type “do a barrel roll” on Google now to see the magic. Google has always come up with cool and creative tricks for the users to ponder upon. This time one of their engineers came up with yet another easter trick for us.


I was just surfing on

reddit.com when i suddenly came across a link titled “do a barrel roll”. I was just curious and clicked on the link, then i noticed what a wonderful trick it was. I grabbed my pants and went straight to google.com to try it out for myself.

My jaws literally dropped after i witnessed something amazing, the webpage suddenly did a clockwise roll. Those were my greatest 4 seconds spent that day. I tried it three or more times and never got bored.

the witnessing of do a barrel roll on google

So did you enjoy to “do a barrel roll” on google? Tell us how many times you did it by commenting and lets see who did the maximum rolls! 🙂


Gmail gets a new look and a redesigned interface

Gmail gets a new look too: New themes, Smart search box and more


Gmail has been revamped and now has a new look. It is a part of Google‘s transitions to provide a rich new user interface across all its products, now Gmail has climbed aboard too.

Lets check out what new features have been introduced in the Gmail‘s interface.

New HD themes:

Firstly there are a lot of HD themes for you to check it out. I tried out some of the nice themes like Beach theme and Ocean theme. I loved those two a

lot. Go ahead and personalize your mailbox now.

Gmail's new look - new HD themes introduced

Smart Search Box:

Next feature is the search box. It is a whole lot smarter now. There is no need for you to remember anything. Just enter any word that you are searching for in a mail and Gmail will list out all the results for you.

Gmail's new look - smart search box

You can also filter your search criteria by providing the recipient’s name or an approximate date interval you received that mail. Gmail also gives you the option to search it from All Mail, Spam, Trash and other boxes.

Easily identify your conversations:

The next new change is the redesigned conversations. You can now see profile pictures embedded right beside your specific conversation. Now it becomes more easy for you to identify the person with whom you had a conversation.

Gmail's new look - redesigned conversations

Choose the appearance for your mails:

There’s also been a change at how you look at mails. Whether you want your mails to be spaciously arranged or in a cozy fashion or prefer a much more compact one. You can set it right away by accessing the Gears handle and choosing your arrangement according to your needs.

Gmail's new look - customize mail appearance

As an added advantage Gmail will automatically resize itself if you resize your browser window, so it looks nice in all cases.

Customize your chat area:

The last feature is the customizable chat area. Now you can resize your labels and chat box. For people who chat a lot you can leave the box to show up all the time or if you don’t chat a whole lot often you can hide it by accessing the chat icon in the lower left area.

Gmail's new look - resize chat area

So these are the new changes the Google team rolled out on Gmail today. If you enjoyed these features as much as i did, don’t forget to post a comment and share your views with us.

Source: Official Gmail Blog


Google Analytics introduces Real time traffic data

Google introduces real time traffic reports in Google Analytics

Google on Thursday introduced a new feature called Real Time Traffic Data on its popular service, Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a tool for collecting statistical data regarding the visitors on your blog. This new feature in Google Analytics is aimed at measuring real time traffic data on your site.

Google Analytics - The perfect tool for analyzing blog traffic

Here is an excerpt from the official blog post,

Today we’re very excited to bring real time data to Google Analytics with the launch of Google Analytics Real-Time: a set of new reports that show what’s happening on your site as it happens.

As we know real time data is very important to us to see how our site is performing on the internet. To observe how many hits our site is getting in the real world, calculate how much time each visitor spends and what is the bounce rate of our blog. When we have these data at our hand, only then we can proceed to analyze how to improve these numbers.

Google Analytics real time data on review

Understanding your audience mindset is very important. To do that you should launch social media campaigns to promote your blog, and share your blog posts on the social networks immediately after you publish an article. This is when the real time

data comes at hand. It becomes very easy to study how your post is performing after tweeting it and sharing it on the social platform.

John Jersin, the Product Manager at Google Analytics tells us the same,

“One way that I like to use these reports is to measure the immediate impact of social media. Whenever we put out a new blog post, we also send out a tweet. With Real-Time, I can see the immediate impact to my site traffic.”

So what are you waiting for, go to your Google Analytics page and start tracking your blog traffic in real time.

NOTE: Real time reports are only available for administrators who are using the new version of Google Analytics!

Drop a comment to let us know if you love the new real time data feature! Are you seeing the figures you expected for?



Now share you circles on Google+

How To: Share your circles on Google+

The Google Plus Team on Saturday revealed a nice new feature to its users,

Sharing of your circles on Google+. Yes now you can share any Google+ circle with your friends, family or celebrities and the people you have shared the circle with can add people from your circle. Its easy too.

As we know we can make as many circles we want on Google+ and keep them private to us. But if you have a categorised circle containing people sharing a common taste, you couldn’t share it earlier. Now that Google+ is fully open to everybody, the Google+ crew is expanding all its features and sharing of circles is one of them.

Let me tell you how its done.

Pick a circle on Google+ to share

Go to your favourite circle and click it. Immediately you will see three options Edit, Delete and Share. Click on Share. Comment something to go with the circle and choose a friend to share it with. You can also share a circle with a group of people i.e. an entire circle too.

Share your Google+ circle with your friends

When it is shared people wont see the circle name but rather see who the members are of that circle and if they wish add them to their circle too. Remember any changes they make to that circle will not reflect it in your own. Your circle is and always will, remain private.

Note: At present you can only share 250 people at a time. If you want to share more than that make another circle and share it.

Watch a short video that Google+ engineer Owen Prater has put together. As he was the one to introduce this feature.

So did you enjoy this feature? Please comment your experiences of Google+ with us!

Source: ZDNet


Google+ has gone public Open to everyone

Google+ goes public! No need of invites, just sign up and start sharing

Google+ is now public. Yes the social network is now open to everyone and there is no need of Google+ invites anymore. Just go to

the official Google+ website and sign up. You will be inside the social network in no time.

Google+ API is now available for developers

Vic Gundotra, the man behind Google+ released the news just yesterday. He said in the blog post,

“For the past 12 weeks we’ve been in field trial, and during that time we’ve listened and learned a great deal. We’re nowhere near done, but with the improvements we’ve made so far we’re ready to move from field trial to beta, and introduce our 100th feature: open signups. This way anyone can visit google.com/+, join the project and connect with the people they care about.”

Some of the recently introduced features also include:

Google+ hangouts for Android

  • Google+ Hangouts video chat feature on Android
  • Google+ Hangout on Air (Live broadcast to any number of people on Google+)
  • More features for Google+ Hangout (Screen-sharing, Sketchpad, Google Docs viewer, Name your Hangouts)
  • Google+ Hangouts API for developers (Build new apps and games on the Google+ platform)
  • Integrated search from Google+ (Search the web from within Google+, also get results for people who are on Google+)
  • 100th feature is Open signups (Google+ is now open to anyone and everyone)

Today Google’s homepage was also seen advertising people to join Google+. Here is a screenshot of what the page looks like. It looks cute, isn’t it?

Google homepage seen advertising Google+

According to stats conducted at the TheNextWeb, Google+ gained 10 million followers in just 16 days. The social network attracted far more people as compared to Twitter’s 780 days and Facebook’s a whopping 852 days.

So the question you gotta ask yourself is “When are you gonna be a part of this community?” I think “its time”!

Pass on your valuable comments and tell us how you have enjoyed being on Google+. Was it fun for you?


Google Plus deleting accounts

Google Plus is deleting accounts! Save your G+ account.

That’s right. Google Plus is on a spree deleting as many fake accounts as possible. The hunt started on Saturday, the 23rd and since then we have seen a massive decline in the number of people using Google plus.

Google plus delete button

This is a post to inform you how you can save yourself from getting deleted from the Google plus team. Google doesn’t inform you whether your account will be deleted or not, it just deletes it. Period.

Stop using fake names

The main reason why Google is deleting these many accounts is that it has found many fake profiles on the social network. Crucial one being usage of fake names. If Google finds you using a duplicate name or a name which is used a promote a brand or a company then your profile will immediately into the trash queue.

Google Plus Be yourself

Google+ is calling it a community standards policy and according to that it is mandatory for every person to use his/her real names only. You should use the names exactly as it appears on your Government ID cards. You wont be spared even if you are a celebrity, for e.g. some famous personalities like Arianna Huffington, Todd Vierling, Limor Fried, Kirrily Skud Robert, A.V. Flox and Doctor Popular’s accounts were suspended as well.

ZDNet humorously referred if Lady Gaga’s account was to be suspended as well! So be careful while choosing your name on Google+ and if you are to edit your name now, be extra careful about it. Because you will be flagged for deletion if Google finds something suspicious about your name. Nothing scary just be yourself. Be the real you.

So Good Luck and All the Best. Please do comment if you were one of the people to get your account suspended! Perhaps we can help.

via ZDNet

Flash Vs HTML5

Google Swiffy Introduced: Flash “out” HTML5 “in”

With the introduction of Google+, Google also introduced its new Flash to HTML5 converter on Tuesday. This creation is the work of a very young, energetic and passionate Googler known as Pieter Senster.

Google Swiffy Labs

According to this software, it can convert Flash animation files known as .SWF into fully functional HTML5 files. As we know Flash is very important to us. All the videos we watch on YouTube and other internet players are Flash related content, so with the introduction of this technology people can now watch videos without installing the Flash plugin, like iPhones and iPads which do not support Flash.


Speaking in Technobabble, simply feed the Swiffy converter with a .swf file and the result is a JSON file rendered with the help of SVG and a bit of HTML5 and CSS3. Modern browsers like Google Chrome and Apple Safari reads the converted files as Javascript and renders the content smoothly to you. Take a look at some of the demo content here at Swiffy Galleria.

Maybe you would have also heard a similar Flash to HTML5 converting tool developed by Adobe and only known as Wallaby. But Google claims that Swiffy has lot more advantages than Wallaby. Some of the primary being Swiffy can convert .swf files whereas Wallaby only focuses on .fla file conversion. Also Wallaby’s converted file can easily be edited whereas Swiffy’s files are very hard to breakthrough. For a more deeper review refer to FAQ over here.

Don’t forget to visit Swiffy Labs. Time for your comment! You can also submit your creations over here.