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Google Wave Now Open To All

by Shaquille RayMay 20, 2010

Google Wave a new open communication platform created by internet giant “Google,inc” has taken a new step. Google Wave is a communication platform that was created no the thought of “What would email be like if it where created today”. Google wave for 2-3 weeks was one of the trending topics on twitter after Google […]

Google Wave is Useless, Confusing, Crap, Rubbish, Boring and Dead

by Chethan ThimmappaFebruary 8, 2010

Google Wave is Useless Google Wave is Confusing Google Wave is Slow Google Wave is Down Google Wave is Crap Google Wave is Rubbish Google Wave is Boring Google Wave is a Flop Google Wave is Dead That is what Google wanted to Say about its Flop Creation Ever- The Google Wave! Here is The […]

List of Search Terms in Google Wave

by Chethan ThimmappaDecember 5, 2009
big search

The Search Terms in Google wave are Easily Readable and One Can Understand what the Search Term does. Here is The Complete list of 50+ Search Queries followed by description used in Google wave to Make your Wave Life Better

How to Get Traffic from Google Wave : Send Your Website via Wave

by Chethan ThimmappaDecember 4, 2009 Wave

Step by Step Guide How Google Wave Could help Your Website to Spread Viral across the web. Using Google Wave as a Tool to Promote your website.How to add Iframes in Google Wave. Display Webpages in Google Wave

How to Create Public Wave in Google Wave? with:public

by Chethan ThimmappaNovember 28, 2009
Google Wave Public

How Could You Test The Real Time Communication in Wave, when You have Less Friends or No Friends at all who are in your Wave Account!? The Best way is to Create a Public Wave. Add the bot to the Created wave to make it Public. Everyone can access This wave!

Huge List of 125 Google Wave Robots – Add Bots and Enjoy Wave

by SrivathsanNovember 27, 2009

A very quick recap before going into the topic – You all now what is Google Wave ? – One of the largest clouds of hype seen in recent times in technology. Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation and a document where people […]

Drag and Drop Photos on Wave – Google Wave SlideShow

by Chethan ThimmappaNovember 25, 2009
Dragging Photos

You Have So Many Images on Your PC and You wish to Share these Photos to Your Friends in a Very Easy and Fast Way.
Here is a Quick Solution, Using Google Wave.

What You Use Google Wave for ?

by SrivathsanNovember 1, 2009

Last time we asked the readers ” ” and the replies which we got were very much helpful and made us friendly. This time we have another question on one of the largest clouds of hype seen in recent times in technology – The Google Wave. Still I’m not on Google wave (does anyone have […]

Play and Buy Music in Google Wave by adding AmazonMP3Bot

by Chethan ThimmappaOctober 23, 2009
amazon MP3

It’s The Time to Listen to Music in an interesting way.
What’s not possible in Google Wave?? Since Google Wave accepts Bots and Gadgets which can be shared across your Network just embedding whatever you want in a wave

List of Google Wave Robots – Add Bots as a Contact in Wave

by Chethan ThimmappaOctober 20, 2009

This Post might be useful for a enthusiastic Google Wave beginner who wishes to know more about Google Wave. Using Robots in Google wave is the best way to explore Wave.

Here is The List of Popular Google Wave Bots (robots). Check on The descriptions and add the addresses in your Contacts. Updated List of Google Wave bots. How to add Google wave bot?