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What Google Search Plus means for your Blog Business

How Google’s Search, plus Your World is going to affect Blog Publishers

Just a few days back Google released its new Search, plus your world feature for Google+ users. This little tool is sure to hit your blog’s search results rather more seriously than the Google Panda.

If you want to experience Google Search Plus, login to your google account and search for anything on Google. This is what you will be looking at. 

Google Search Plus - Where it excels

At first when Google+ was launched, you would have seen personalized results according to whom you are connected on the Google+ network. The Search page shows you who recommended what and which results were +1’ed by your friends.

Personalization of results turned out to be very good feature for all of us. Actually it would have been better if Google kept it to that much only. But the introduction of Google’s search plus changes how you look at the things on the web.

Here is what i am talking about. When i searched for the phrase nice windows for home, you see two out of five results have no relation with what i searched for.

Google Search Plus - Where it falls short

This new contraption diminishes the relevance of your searches on the World’s most popular Search Engine. Now imagine how it will turn out for blog publishers! The next time you search for your site name on Google, it will be a hard time looking at those results.

Although this is a bad news for you bloggers, there is a treat for you when it comes to sharing your content through the Google+ platform. We will soon come with an article on how to maximize your blog’s visibility with Google+ recommendations. Stay tuned to Chaaps for further updates, Subscribe Now!

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