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Have you ever felt lucky seeing new doodles from Google?

Today’s Google doodle on account of V-day looks uber-cool. Alright.
But we are ought to always find out things that others might not. Here’s what we found out today:

If you leave the Search box blank and hit the “I’m feeling lucky” when Google is wearing a new Doodle you’ll be taken to the directory of Google logos.

  • Go to the Google homepage.

Google homepage

This is the first time I’ve spotted this in Google and I thought this is worth a share. Do let me know your thoughts about this awesome (or awful?) stuff from Google through your comments.

You might have seen “Related queries” in Google. Here’s “Something different”

[ad#ad-2]Google has been rolling on a high – First it’s logos, then Google Instant was launched. Google is experimenting out with new stuff every given moment and I found one such today.

We have always seen Related Queries under the top results in the first search results page of Google as below:

Related searches
Related searches - The age-old Google custom

Today I found a feature called “Something different” alive, in the new nav-bar panel, to the left of the search results, that was released roughly a couple of months ago. You can take a look at it in the screenshot below:

Something different
Something different

Something different – The new feature that I found in Google, again, like Google Instant, is live only in its .com version. Let’s hope it reaches other regional versions as soon as possible.

Do you think this new feature might be handy or will this distract the end-user? Drop your views in that golden comment box. [ad#ad-2-1]

Do Google Search Directly From Gtalk


One More Lazy way to Search in Google! Yes Here it is..
We all Know We Use Gtalk to Chat and Talk with Our Gmail buddies. Have you ever thought how you could Turn your Gtalk Box into a Search Engine?

The Answer is Simple- Inviting Bots!

How to Invite bot who searches your query in Google and returns the search results in Gtalk Chat Box?

Open your Gtalk or Gtalk Gadget in your Gmail. and Send a Chat Invitation to sbot@bot.im

Within No Time, Your Invitation will be accepted and bot starts appearing in your Buddy List.

Now, Start with a query, Search for your favorite keyword by typing it in Chat Box..


You will Receive Top Search Results for your Made Query.. Just Like That as you see in Google.com Page!

Read on The Descriptions and Click on the Links…


search result

Finally you turned your Gtalk box into Search Engine!
Isn’t this handy tool to search? Share your experiences.