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Google Scribe – Type Before You Think!

“Type before You think” Sounds Weird?.. You Shouldn’t! We already have made use of Google Suggestions which Autofills the Suggestions depending on related Keyword Entered in Search Box. The Suggestions Feature is One of The Best AJAX implementation.. The Purpose of writing this Post is to Introduce Google’s New “Suggestion” like Product called “Google Scribe” which is Currently in Labs..

What’s New in Google Scribe?

Unlike Google Suggestions, Google Scribe is not Restricted to the Search Box. Scribe can be Mainly used to Edit Documents with Minimum effort.. Scribe eases your work by autofilling the Most used Phrases, words contextually.. So you require Minimum Key Strokes to edit a BIG document (Best use with Extension)..

How do I get Google Scribe?

Google Scribe Comes with Three Implementation

  • Google Scrbe NotePad
  • Google Scribe Extension
  • Google Scribe BookMarklet

You could Just Give a Try using Google Scribe NotePad by typing in Text Area to get Amazing Continuous, unlimited auto Complete Suggestions!

Google Scribe Extension and BookMarklet

Scribe can be best used through Extensions..

Get Google Scribe Extension from here. Once the Extension is Installed, You Just Need to Press Ctrl+J to activate Scribe! Now Scribe can be used in Whatever website you access within Chrome .. When the Scribe is activated you could see a small Pencil Mark at the Text Area..

Get Google Scribe BookMarklet (drag and Drop to Bookmarks bar)

We would Like to Hear from You.. What’s your Opinion on Auto Completion Tools like Scribe? If everything is Auto completed, then why Human?