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Google Reader gets a new look

Google Reader gets a new look! Is now systematic and gives option to +1

That’s right. Google Reader is getting revamped. In the past couple of months every Google product has got the new Google look, starting from Google+, Gmail, Calendar, Docs etc. Now its Google Reader’s time.

The new Google Reader interface is similar to Gmail’s interface. Also Google Reader has now integration with Google+ to share the posts on Google’s very own social network. The “Like” button on feed items too has been replaced by “+1” button.

According to the official blog post, Software Engineer Alan Green said that,

“Integrating with Google+ also helps us streamline Reader overall. So starting today we’ll be turning off friending, following, shared items and comments in favor of similar Google+ functionality.”

Google Reader gets a new interface

We all know that previous look of Google Reader wasn’t so smartly design, many links and feeds were poorly arranged and overall it messed up the interface. This new look gives a systematic interface to Google Reader for a user to get to things very easily.

Many of them are not comfortable adapting to the new interface and already people are complaining about Google eliminating many features from the Google Reader. However if you are one of those who do like the new interface then please comment and share your views with us.

Source: Official Google Blog


Google Labs Bye Bye

Google Labs is going down. Will Gmail be shut down?

Its a heartbreak to tell all of you that Google Labs will be no longer be with us. Bill Coughran, SVP of Google Research Team said in a blog post on Wednesday. We had seen many great products being born at Google Labs such as Google Reader, Google Goggles, Google Wave, Google Calendar and not to mention the Godfather, GMAIL. Recently we had also seen the introduction of Google Swiffy, an app which converts Flash content to HTML5.

Google Labs game over

Don’t worry Google Mail and Google Maps wont be affected. Senior VP said,

To clarify: we don’t have any plans to change in-product experimentation channels like Gmail Labs or Maps Labs. We’ll continue to experiment with new features in each of our products.

As happy we were to hear that, joy didn’t last long as the news broke many other products were to be discontinued indefinitely. Many Google experiments were aborted by the team. When asked the reason why Google LABS was suddenly being shut down, Larry Page the CEO of Google said,

Larry page announces the end of Google Labs

“the company is in the midst of trimming its broad palette of products and services, eliminating those that haven’t proven popular and successful, like Google Health and Google PowerMeter.”

According to an article at PCWorld, there are estimated to be about 56 experimental products in Google Labs, many of them will take a shot!

Bill Coughran further added, “we believe that greater focus is crucial if we’re to make the most of the extraordinary opportunities ahead.” As for other GOOGLE products and apps we can heave a sigh of relief as they will continue to be fully supported such as apps for the Android Market. Perhaps the people at Google are trying to make Google+ a hit, especially after the loss of Buzz, a social network gone in vain and they have succeeded in it as it has already touched the 10 million mark!


Make a comment and tell us how you feel about Google Labs being shut down. Is it a good decision by Google or a bad one?

Google Reader Gears up for the next Generation – HTML5



HTML5 seems to be in rapid development now. All companies and officials are trying to get HTML5 a working release as soon as possible, main reason, demand. Web developers want to get the stable release of HTML5 soon. Google, being one of the many companies developing HTML5 knows about this problem. That’s why they are releasing support for HTML5 way before time.

Google reader has been tweaked up in the past month. The most significant was addition of HTML5 support. Its clear that Google can easily integrate HTML5 as they are the ones who are developing it.

Here are some changes made to Google Reader which is mainly because of the addition of HTML5:

1. HTML5 integration

Google Reader will now support the audio and video tags in HTML5.

2. Added “Not interested”

Now there is a “Not interested” link at the bottom of recommended items, so that you can both hide that item and provide your like & dislike.

3. Update reminder

To keep you updated, a small banner appears, stating “A new version of Google Reader is available” whenever a new version is released. Incidentally, it’s the 500th version of Reader over the 5 years.

4. Improvements to Reader Play

When you hit space (or shift-space), you’re now automatically moved between posts, and for posts with multiple images, cycled through each image. Also added made Play more configurable by letting you change URL used: If you add welcome=0 query parameter skips welcome screen for new & signed-out users. An autoplay=1 query parameter start moving through posts automatically. A #feed/<URL> fragment display specific feed. You can combine all these to make automatically playing slideshows of favourite photo-blogs.

5. Improved Speed

Of course there should be no doubt on this one. HTML5 has major speed improvements and Google is slowly implementing them. Home view loading is now faster, and Send to functionality being less susceptible to being stymied by popup blockers when used with services such as Twitter.

Other changes due to HTML5

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Google Chrome HTML5

Why Apple chose to use HTML5 instead of Flash for the iPad

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HTML5 Punch

Google Chrome in 3D – First ever browser in 3D

Google Chrome 3D

Internet Explorer 9 with major improvements

Internet Explorer 9 HTML5

Google Wave – A HTML5 App

Google Wave

Switching to HTML5 ?

Google is slowly switching to HTML5. So are many other big companies. But if your a web developer wondering whether to switch to HTML5, I would say that this is not the time. Big companies like Google and Apple have added parts of HTML5 into their servers, not a complete change. HTML5 is still not stable. But since Google is the one that’s making it, they’ll know much better whether they should switch to HTML5 or not. We still have to wait till HTML5 gets is official release to know whether its a good choice to switch to HTML5.


How to Tweet From Google Reader?


You Have Really Cool Collection of Articles Inside your Google Reader.. And You feel like Sharing it on twitter..
How Would You Do That??
Yeah! Look for Retweet Button In Your Google Reader. Is it Not??

What if You Cant Find The Retweet Button in Feeds??

Before You Used to

  • Copy Paste The Title of Article
  • Visiting the Article in its Respective Website
  • Collect The URL
  • and Build Your Tweet with Title and URL

And Now

  • Click on Settings > Reader Settings

  • Under Settings, Click on The Send To Option to Find the List of Services Available
  • Check on The Services, For Which You want to Share . In Our Case we have Checked the Twitter OptionPlease note: For this feature to work, www.google.com needs to be on your pop-up blocker’s list of allowed sites.
  • That’s it! You are Done! Find The Twitter Option in Send To to Share your Favorite Article as a Tweet
  • This Opens Up a Pop Up with Your Article Tweet All Set! Just Click on Update to Update your Status!