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Google Wonder Wheel! Spin The Search Wheel As You Like


How about This? The Wheel which Spins holding your Favorite Search Queries and Showing the popular Other related queries in adjacent wheels!
Amazing isn’t it!? Just Like a Small Child would Play with some geometrical Figures and writing Something on it! What if Google Does This?

Yes, I am Talking about Google Wonder Wheel! The Wonder Wheel a new option available under Show Options tab of Google Search..


Here Is a wonder wheel for The Indian Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar, The Little Master!

sachin tendulkar wonder wheel

When You Search for the Keyword Sachin Tendulkar and look for results as a wonder wheel that would look like above screenshot listing the most popular items, searches, keywords related to the made query!
wonder wheel anjali

Not only this, You Could even Spin The Wheel as You Like selecting the wheels which are adjacent to it!, Choosing The related wheel results in spinning of the wheel yielding other related results for the made query… In The above Picture you could see the Ajali Tendulkar (Wife of Sachin Tendulkar) Wheel spinning around Sachin Tendulkar!

You should Experience the FUN of Google Wonderwheel rather Than listening to My Explanation…

So, How do I see Google Wonder wheel?

That’s So Easy… Just do a Normal Search, like you did all these days! Once you get The Web Results… do not go for it, Instead Click on The Tab Show Options Now a sidebar grows towards your left giving you plenty of Options to select. Just Select The Option Wonder Wheel! Clicking on The Option Wonder Wheel creates your Wonder wheel holding your query and showing the related wheels!
Just 3 Easy Steps, Follow The Screenshots!


show options

Step 2:

Step 3:
wheel jackson

Here is an Example wonder wheel for Michael Jackson

So, How is This Useful for Me?
Some of the ProBloggers Mention that Google wonder wheel is a nice blogging tool! I personally don’t agree on this. Google Wonder wheel just another beautiful way to view your search results. I didn’t find any practical use from Google wonder wheel!

Here is an Example wonder wheel for Michael Jackson

What do you think? Have you tried Google wonder wheel?


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Google Knol- Share Your Knowledge


I am covering Reviews on Newest Google Products. Here I am Writing on Google’s Knol Where you can Share your Knowledge to The world writing Knols.

You might be interested in reading my recent post

Google Mars. Yet another Innovation by Google

Google Knol

Do You Have an Original Idea? Do You Want to expose your idea?

Google’s Knol Makes it Possible.

google knol

Sign Up for Knol

Signing up for Knol is Easy, Just use your Existing Google id to login for Knol. you will be redirected to Knol’s homepage.

Sign up for Knol Using http://knol.google.com/k/

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Use The Knol Search Box for discovering the new ideas revealed by people across the Globe.

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Rate the Knols which you like and share ideas with others.

You Can Even Edit the existing Knols written by other authors.

Knol Allows you to Customize Your Page in the way You Want..

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You Can Set The Type of License you wish to give for your article.

Choose among Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License, Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License and All Rights Reserved.

Knol License

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Generate Revenue Through Google Adsense


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knol analytics

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