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Google's Plus One Buttons now features a new look: Increases Engagement!

by AnonymousMarch 18, 2012
Google Plus updates its buttons

Just recently Google has rolled out a new slick set of Google Plus buttons for its social networking platform. Google tells us the new buttons are sure to increase user engagement on your site. If you cialis buy are still confused about wh canadian pharmacy cialis at i am talking about, then here is a […]

How Google’s Search, plus Your World is going to affect Blog Publishers

by AnonymousJanuary 16, 2012
What Google Search Plus means for your Blog Business

Just a few days back Google released its new Search, plus your world feature for Google+ users. This little tool is sure to hit your blog’s search results rather more seriously than the Google Panda. If you want to experience Google Search Plus, login to your google account and search for anything on Google. This […]

I think Google+ Chat is better than Facebook Chat!

by AnonymousNovember 27, 2011
google+ new chat system makes debut

A few days back, Google+ had rolled out a new chat system on the social network. As soon as i logged into my Google+ account, a small info message appeared telling me about a new chat feature. Apparently the Google+ team has now made chatting with people on the social network much easier than Facebook. […]

Bump up your Klout score: Add Google+ to your Klout network

by AnonymousNovember 27, 2011
Klout and Google+

Klout, believed to be the most popular influence measurer of your social activities on the web has got a new addition in its network. Its the brand new Google+. Yes the Klout team now has officially added Google+ which will make your Klout scores boom even higher. Klout announced in their official blog post, Our […]

Google+ Trending topics is the new trend. Watch out Twitter!

by AnonymousNovember 21, 2011
google-plus-now-has-trending topics

Google Inc. now boasts of a new feature on its beloved social network, the Google+. Its Google+ Trending topics, and believe us they are quite trending. The Trending topics can be found just at the top right side of the page when you search for anything on Google+. The most recent trends can also be […]

Google introduces Google+ Pages to everyone! What are G+ pages?

by AnonymousNovember 9, 2011
Google introduces Google plus pages

Google unveiled their Google+ Pages to the public. Google+ Pages viagra canadian phamracy are a brand new way you can promote your business, brand and products on the most popular social network Google+. Vic Gundotra, Senior VP of the Google+ team revealed Google+ pages on the official blog post. According to him, So far Google+ […]

How To: Share your circles on Google+

by AnonymousSeptember 28, 2011
Now share you circles on Google+

The Google Plus Team on Saturday revealed a nice new feature to its users, usa pharmacy Sharing of your circles on Google+. Yes now you can share any Google+ circle with your friends, family or celebrities and the people you have shared the circle with can add people from your circle. Its easy too. As […]

Google+ goes public! No need of invites, just sign up and start sharing

by AnonymousSeptember 21, 2011
Google+ has gone public Open to everyone

Google+ is now public. Yes the social network is now open to everyone and there is no need of Google+ invites anymore. Just go to buy viagra the official Google+ website and sign up. You will be inside the social network in no time. Vic Gundotra, the man behind Google+ released the news just yesterday. […]

Google+ Suggested Users list just in. Create your own list, get followers!

by AnonymousSeptember 7, 2011
Google+ Suggested Users list

Google+, the Social Network by Google just introduced its Suggested Users list on Saturday. Yes its the same list which you would have seen on Twitter and Facebook. Apparently this list something more different and is based on a slightly new idea. Bradley Horowitz, one of the minds behind Google+, tweeted that the list based […]

Google+ has games up its sleeve. A new Gaming network to start

by AnonymousAugust 14, 2011

Google+ is starting a new gaming platform on its social network. Vic Gundotra, the Senior VP of the Google Plus Team announced it officially on the blog yesterday. Soon you will be seeing a new tab on your Google+ page. The tab will be placed next to the Circles tab and will be all about […]