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Google Music launching very soon

Google Music to debut next Wednesday. Free music on Android!

Have you heard of Google Music? If not then its time to sign up and enjoy listening to free music on your favorite Android device. Yes Google Music is the latest Cloud based Music service launched by the Google Inc. which was introduced early this year. But its going big this time.

Google Music can be streamed directly from your

computer browser or from any compatible Android device. The big new is Google is planning to move Google Music from Beta phase to making it public next wednesday. Google Music is apparently making haste and has still not yet purchased the licenses from the record companies to avail the music rights.

Google Music now in Beta stage

Many famous record companies like Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group haven’t yet finalized the agreement between Google launching its cloud music service. CNET reporters suggest that currently talks are going on but rumors suggests that the results aren’t looking positive.

Google has not had a good run with labels and top entertainment providers such as Viacom recently. Only future will tell us if Google Music will be successfully launched as planned and we all wish it good luck. We all know, by providing music streaming for free, Google Music will become the no. 1 service and will also pose as a threat to Apple’s very own popular cloud music service, iTunes.

If you want you can sign up and request an invite to try out the new music service by visiting Google Music. Please note that this service is currently available for users in United States only as it is in Beta.

Experience Google Music on your favorite android device

Already Android sales have beat iPhone sales this year. Rest assured, Apple will be surely looking for some kind of epiphany to bump its sales if Google Music takes off.

Source: CNET


Google now plays a game with Bollywood!

No, they haven’t started an Production company but Bollywood music is now ready to lie under their portfolio. This is still in labs edition but Google Music in India was something which many people like me had been Longing for – The only reason being, It’s from Google! 😉

This is how the Google music homepage look’s like:

Google Music India

Google has partnered with In.com and Saavn.com. Google directly streams the songs directly from it’s partner sites.

Google streaming songs from In.com
Google streaming songs from In.com

This is a free service by Google and as you can see in the screenshot above it supports advertising. Currently it plays a game only with Bollywood. Although it lacks many features present on other popular music websites, we can expect it get only better in it’s further versions by adding more languages and features.

Requirements: A web browser with Flash player and a Good mood to listen to good music. 😛

Link: Google Music India

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