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Google Maps now available in Hindi


As a part of its global initiative to make maps more useful for users locally, Google is launching Google Maps in Hindi. Starting today, people will be able to see Hindi names for cities, localities, important roads, as well as popular points of interest such as public parks and schools, on the new Google Maps and on Google Maps on Android.

To view Hindi name labels on Google Maps, people must enable Hindi as their preferred language on their device. From a computer, they can change the language preference to Hindi on their Google account settings or by selecting the “Hindi” option at the bottom of the page on the google.co.in home page. On Android, users simply need to select the Hindi option within the “Language and input” menu found in their phone’s ‘settings menu’.


Once Hindi has been chosen as the preferred language, people will be able to see Hindi names directly on the map. These new labels that are visible on Google Maps today have been created by transliterating English names to Hindi, or, translating the English names to Hindi and ensuring the text resonated with local dialects.

Commenting on the launch, Suren Ruhela, Director Product and Program Management, Google said, “Google is committed to making its products more useful for people in India, and creating comprehensive maps is a crucial part of helping Indian users access information about parts of the country that are unfamiliar to them. By launching Google Maps in Hindi today, hopefully Indians can explore and navigate the world around them more easily, whether these are people who already use Maps to find their way around day-to-day or Hindi-speakers coming online for the first time.”

Google Maps is constantly looking for new ways to help improve people’s engagement with the world, whether it’s helping them find what they need or get to where they need to go as quickly as possible. In the past year, Google Maps was redesigned to give people one intuitive mapping experience that’s fast and easy-to-use. The new Google Maps were rebuilt from the ground up, with the new design aimed at helping people make quicker decisions by easily surfacing places of interest, local search results, and rich layers of imagery where available. To find out more about Google Maps, continue reading here:https://www.google.com/maps/about/


Google Mobile Ads Based on Your Location with Maps Feature

After the Popular Click to Call Mobile ads, Google has gone one Step Ahead with a New Location Extension Ad Formats along with Map Features in Local ads for Mobile devices..

How Google Mobile Ads using Location Extension Work?

  • Users Search on Maps for Directions
  • Making Use of This Data, Google Pops Mobile Ads based on The Location
  • The Ads appears as a banner text ad with a business icon.
  • The User Can Expand or Collapse The Advertisement
  • In This Ad, One Could See the Phone Number and Map of The Store  which is Nearby

For Advertisers

  • Ads Are Shown on Mobile devices which Has Full Support for Browsers
  • Existing Adwords users can Set Up Location Extensions
  • The Advertiser will Pay only If  Some one Calls to Phone Number or visit their Business’ website, and is not Charged for Expanding and Collapsing these Ads..

What do You Think? How Effective is This Kind of Google Mobile Ads? Kindly Drop Your Comments..


Lengthy Google Maps URL shrinks to goo.gl/maps Short URL [in Labs]

A Simple Feature introduced by Google Labs in Google Maps could save a lot of work of ours.

How Hectic was it to Pass the URL of a Map location “Bengauluru, India” to your friend before? We measured the URL length for the Bengaluru position in Maps.. It is around 222 Characters and almost impossible to share to a friend (Unless you Pass the URL in Gtalk which adds href)

0.883026&g=bangalore&ie=UTF8 &hq=&hnear=Bengaluru,+Karnataka, +India&ll=12.968845,77.59871&spn=0.021412,0.027595&z=15

The Second Method was to Shrink the lengthy URL using URL shortner services like bit.ly etc..

What if Google itself shortens the URL and Keeps it simple to you shrinking the long string of 222 Characters.. Google Labs has introduced a new Feature which does Shrinking… To Enable Click on “Labs” icon at Top of Google Maps Page..

From Now on, all your Lengthy Map URLs will be shrinked to http://goo.gl/maps/something … The Above Bengaluru,India location is now shrinked to http://goo.gl/UFUa

Did You Find This Feature Useful? Certainly Should Save some efforts to Shrink it Explicitly..

First Spotted by Mashable