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Search Fail: Google doesn’t serve more than 1000 Results for any Query


Everyone Fakes! Google is not an Exception. The So-Called Google God , Search Engine Giant fakes its Search Results Count in a BIG way..

Generally, Any User who queries in Google Looks for upto 2 or 3 Pages of Search Results, At a Maximum upto 10 Pages…Yes, Of Course, It is right to Check the Initial Search Result pages rather looking at the end as the Most Accurate and Matching Results will be within the First page and decreases with the page Count.

Chaaps.com started a STING operation to Catch Google’s Faking Search Result Count. We Queried for the Most Known Term in Web “Google” in Google Search Engine. This is what we observed

And here is The End!

We Anticipated Over 2,190,000,000 results with atleast 219,000,000 Search Result Pages (As Google follows the Rule:10 Results per Page) and there were not more than 100 pages to Navigate.

We Tried to Go Beyond these 100 Pages by Manipulating the Count in URL and We were shocked to See this Apology from Google!

Google Apologized to us saying “Sorry” and displayed “Google does not serve more than 1000 results for any query. (You asked for results starting from 1001.)

What Do you think of this Google Search Fail? How honest is Google in Declaring that it holds upto 2,190,000,000 results in the First page of the Search for “Google” query.. AS the User navigates through entire pages of Search Results he cannot even cross 100 pages and receives and Apology that it cannot serve not more than 1000 Search Results per Query!