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Google Instant Previews: Boon or Curse?

Today Google Instant previews has been released over 40 languages. If you aren’t yet aware of this feature, turn on to the official Google Blog. This new feature from Google enables you to make a leap to image-based snapshots — a new kind of visual search result they call “Instant Previews” which makes it even faster to choose the right result.

What exactly is Google Instant previews?

Result for Chaaps in Google Instant Previews
Results for Chaaps in Google Instant Previews

Okay, I agree this makes you choose the right result. But why take a screenshot? A pop-up like window appearing as in the Add-on/Extension Cool previews would be better I guess.
Even if Google relies on screenshots, screenshot of the full page seems foolish; Just the screenshot of the top of the web-page would fulfill the need.

To see the Google Instant previews, Head your browser to this link and enter your query. There in the results, you can see a magnifying glass kind of button. Click it to see the screenshot of the Webpage.

Google Instant has turned my expectations off and I am really dissatisfied because of the decrease in loading speed of Google. Google gets a thumbs down from me for doing this so-called upgrade.

What’s your take on Google Instant previews? Do you think it is a Boon or is it a Curse?

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