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Compact Image Search In Google

Whatever maybe the thing, if we have Google as our home page it is obvious that we go to Google images if we want to search any images. When I was spending some time browsing images for a post in Chaaps, i came across a new compact Google images.

Google images: before
Google images: before
Google images: Now
Google images: Now

What’s so new?

  • Neat interface – Before Google image was not well organized, ie., Images were not equally spaced. But now, The gap between any two Images is the same irrespective of their size.
  • Easy navigation – Just press Pg Down/ Pg up and go to the next or previous page respectively.
  • Each search page contains nearly a thousand pictures – After reaching the end of page Click “Show more results” to see more images
  • Zoom as you hover – This probably is adapted from Bing images. You can see a bigger preview of the image as you hover your mouse in that image. If you click that image you’ll be redirected to the landing page of the image.

Chaaps author Shaquille ray had written a post in December, 2009 about Google informing users that this update will be seen from December 4th, 2009 but they have rolled out this feature eight months after the announcement.

Note: This update is currently working only in google.com and not in google.co.in.

Do you think these updates in Google images make it go ahead of it’s counterparts Bing and Yahoo’s Flickr? Do let us know if we have missed out any feature of the updated Google images.