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How to Use Google Free Space as your Hard Disk


Music,Movies,Pictures……………. but no space to store them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now you guys don’t need to worry about running out of storage space or facing killer errors like hard-disk crash………..:)

You can now store all your stuff out their on the internet(cloud computing) and that too in your gmail inbox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gmail + Data = Privacy + top-notch security

This all has been possible due to a software(shell extension) named as GMail Drive Shell Extension and best of all it is free….:) ……. 🙂

After downloading the ‘rar’ file(Link At the End)

  1. Extract it
  2. Run Setup.exe
  3. Follow on-screen instruction on install the software.
  4. Go to My-Computer and open newly created disc named as GMail Drive.
  5. A box pops up asking username and password, enter your gmail username in first field and password in second field
    *Select Auto-Login to prevent entering the details every time*
  6. On Successful login your virtual gmail hard-disk opens up, use it to store files as you do in general hard-disk.

Working Behind the Application….

The file that we save here actually comes as an email in our inbox with file in attachment.


  • Open Source (Free)
  • Can be accessed from anywhere around the world
  • As secure as your gmail inbox
  • It will only show files transfered via software not all attachments

Click to Download:- GMail Disk