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Bored? Read Google Chrome Comics

Here is A web Browser which offers You to Read Comics! Yes.. No Need to Search in Library or Shop, Your Very own Google Chrome Browser Makes it Possible! This Powerful Web Browser, has a Separate Section named Google Chrome Comics

This Comic Section Page Provides a Cool Interface where You could Navigate from One Comic to other in Style…
The Interface For Navigating is Just Similar to Google Fast Flip!
A couple of Months ago I had written about Google Fast Flip in The Article Read it as You Like Google Fast Flip where I have Mentioned the Interface is a damn cool, and gives an effect as if you are reading Newspaper in Hand..

These Comics by Google are Available in Three Sizes Small, Medium and Large.

Google Chrome Comics Visit | Small| Medium| Large

Comics by a Web Browser! what is your Responses??


How to Add/Enable Extensions in Google Chrome: A Step by Step Guide


The Much Awaited Google Chrome Extensions are released for Developer Channels…Till Now, Extensions and Add-Ons were Provided by very Few Browsers like Mozilla Firefox. Firefox Browser gained its Popularity only because of Extensions and Add-ons.

Google Chrome Browser Can be Now Extended using the extensions. It requires a quite a lot time to make your current version of Google Chrome to Support the Extensions. So Here is a Complete Guide How to Enable and Use Extensions in your existing Google Chrome browser.

[I recommend you to read every step in Tutorial, though step 1 to Step 6 has lesser significance. If You are Impatient Move on to Step-8]

Step 1:
Use The Directory of Google Chrome Extensions present at Chromeextensions.org
Google Chrome Extensions

Step 2:

You will be Quite Amazed to See Plenty of Extensions Available for your Google Chrome Browser. and you cannot wait longer…

Google Chrome Extensions Directory

Step 3:

You will be Selecting anyone among the List of Chrome Extensions. Soon, you will be clicking on Add to Chrome Button next to your Favorite Extension

3 Prompting to Save Extension

You will be Prompted Whether to Save or Discard this Extension as soon as you click on it.You must be Happiest Person Ever, as You will be Witnessing the First Ever Google Chrome Extension! So Generally You will Click on Save Button and the Wait is ON!

Step 4:

Error Message!
Your love to See The New Google Chrome Extension Shatters with this Dialogue box .
Invalid Value for permissions[0]

Here is How the Extension Install Error looks
4 Extension Install Error

Step 5:
After Series of Trial and Error, You might be wondering whether your are in older version of Google Chrome and You Might Check The Version of your browser in About Section of Google Chrome!

Here is how it looks
5 Version of Google Chrome

About Google Chrome Says Google Chrome is up to date (
More Questions on Your Mind Why is that Extensions is not getting Installed in latest version of Google Chrome????

Step 6:

You Decide to Go One Step Further, You Try to Google Whatever happened and you are keen how to enable the extensions on Google Chrome. Your Query which you Google will be How to enable extensions in Google Chrome

6 How to Enable Google Extensions

Step 7:
After Getting Quite a lot of Search Results you would have landed into some Forums with discussions where they teach how to Change your Google Chrome Path or edit the registry key using regedit. Example

“C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”

Simply add “–enable-extensions” without the quotes to the end and close out regedit.

Now it should read:
“C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –enable-extensions

I recommend you NOT to Change any paths or edit registry.
(That’s why I have Striked it Out)
Why do you take extra Strain doing Machine level Path Changes when You Have a dedicated Channel for That which Automatically Updates to the Google Chrome Browser with Both Extensions and BookMark Sync Support Just in One Click!!!

[Please Note: Never Download or Upgrade to Beta Version Present at
http://www.google.com/landing/chrome/beta/ ,This Beta Version doesn’t support Extensions, Supports Only BookMark Sync]

Step 8:
You are in the mid way of Tutorial. To Enable the extensions, it is not Possible to do That in Stable Version. and we need Developer Channel Access. Google Chrome comes with Three different Early Access Channel

Stable channel: Everyone is on the Stable channel when they first install Google Chrome.

Beta channel: People who like to use and help refine the latest features subscribe to the Beta channel [Remember this is not beta Version, its Beta Channel]

Dev channel: This developer preview channel is where ideas get tested (and sometimes fail).

We are NOW realizing That How Stupidly we Tried to Install the Google Chrome Extensions using Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, Step 5 as above in a STABLE version!

We Have got The Logic of this Google Chrome Browser, Without Wasting any time Let’s Install The extensions quickly by gaining Extra access to developer Channel..

Step 8:
Just Go To This Working URL http://www.google.com/chrome/eula.html?extra=devchannel to Download and gain Extra Developer access for your Google Chrome Browser to enable extensions.


Step 9:

Accept The Conditions Prompted and Download starts Automatically, it will Just Upgrade on Existing System, So No Need to Back-up your BookMarks or History… It is Automatically Done! You Just Sit Back and See what happens Next!
2 new beta channel

Step 10:
Probably This will be Your Happiest Step in this Entire Tutorial! Because You will be able to See Exciting Changes in Your Browser Since The Upgrade is Complete to Latest exra acess to Developer Channel!

The First and Formost Thing which You will Observe and Must See is..
A Yellow Highlighted Text at the Footer of Google Chrome Browser Saying Google Chrome has extensions and bookmark sync.

3.0 notification at footer

Also See The Extra Options Extensions and Bookmark Sync in Menu bar of Settings Area at Top

3 extensions in menu bar

Step 11:
Now We Have Successfully Enabled the Support for Google Chrome Extension by migrating to Developer Channel. Let’s Try How to Install an Extension in Google Chrome and How it works..

We are aware of the Extension Directory for Google Chrome at Chromeextensions.org Just Click on it to View the Entire list of Google Chrome Extensions available!

5 chrome extension address

Step 12:
Choose Anyone among The List. Here I have Selected Metrist- A Twitter Client as an Extension which Prompts you to save the extension.

Metrist Twitter

6 save extension

Save This Extension by clicking on Continue.

Step 13:

Here You could see a Dialogue Box asking for you to Confirm the Installation of Extension.
7 installation note

Click on Install. And You are Done! Now you are able to See Extension Icon at Top next to address bar as shown below

9 extension icon

After Filling Settings Sections for the Installed Extension [for Metrist Twitter Client, Twitter username and password is required]

You are All Set to View Your First Extension on Google Chrome.
8 Metrics twitter client

Step 14:

Manage Your Installed Extensions by Visiting chrome://extensions in your browser or Click on Extensions to View and Manage Extensions
10 Manage Extensions

Well, The Tutorial Ends Here! However I Understand that You are in edge to to try out New New Extensions for Google Chrome. For Your References Here are some Extensions which you can download directly.


Gmail Compose


Google Tasks for Chrome



About Google Chrome Extensions:
Extensions are Very Light Weight and easy to Use, These extensions never affect on Speed of your Browser. Extensions from Google Chrome are Soon Going to be a Mega Hit!

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When was your First Visit to This Website?


On What Date did You Visit Your Favorite Website for The First Time?
If You are on Google Chrome Browser It will Be Easy to find out…
Here is How… I have Taken 2 Screenshots While Visiting The Website bbc.co.uk.


  • Right Click on your Mouse
  • Select The Page Info Tab
  • A Dialogue Box Appears with your First Visit Info

First Visited

This Dialogue Box also Contains The Information Like Whether The Visited Page’s Connection is Encrypted and also will show Status on Identity of Website.

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Chrome OS – Google’s answer to Windows??


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The much hyped and anticipated product of the year is almost ready for its release. Google Chrome will release in about a week’s time if sources are to believed. The entire computing fraternity is waiting in bated breath to see if Google’s OS can prove to be a formidable competitor to Microsoft’s Windows. As all of us know, Windows has been the clear leader in the OS market with around 90% of the market share. In fact, Microsoft Windows is the de-facto standard for operating systems all over the world. Other OS’s came and went, but did not create as much as a flutter in the market.

Google Chrome OS

But this time, things may be different. Google expects to create a wave with their new lightweight operating system. “Speed, simplicity & security” are the 3 key aspects of Google Chrome. Since the era of web based computing has arrived, Google Chrome has been designed in such a way that users can just start up & get on to the web in a few seconds. All of the user’s data will be stored in a cloud so that a user can have access to data anywhere. And this is expected to be done in minimal time. Hence, the user interface is also very minimal .

Chrome is in fact a windowing system built on top of a linux kernel. Though linux is a vey reliable and most importantly – stable OS, it did not pose any major challenge to Windows. The key reason for its failure being that you had a number of vendors proving you different flavors of Linux and users were definitely confused. But Google Chrome is going to catapult linux kernel into popularity. The sheer brand name is sufficient to create awareness about linux kernels.

Another key factor that lies with Chrome is that its open source – free of cost! And for you computer geeks, the source code of Chrome OS is expected to be available later this year/early 2010. If reports are to be believed, Chrome is also expected to support desktop applications like Microsoft Word & Photoshop.

But the biggest question that is currently on all user’s mind is – Will Google be able to beat Microsoft??


Honestly speaking, these are very early days. Even if Google Chrome becomes a roaring success, there is no guarantee that it will overtake Windows. Millions of developers or users may just not migrate to Chrome when they have been using Windows for more than a decade or so. Seriously, it takes a lot of time for users to switch to Chrome. This may range from a 2-3 years to probably a decade. And with Windows 7 receiving positive reviews from critics & users alike, things may become tougher for Google.

But one things for sure – Now Microsoft faces a stiff competitor in the market it dominated for so long.


Is Opening Links in New Tab, A Lazy way of Browsing?


We all Have a Dozen Lot of Web Browsers, Each Browser boasts of its own functionality…
Some of the Top Web Browsers being Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera , Safari etc…


Why Some One Would Still like a Traditional way of Browsing?
How Using The Old Web browsers could make your browsing life simpler?

Consider The browser Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), And here in IE6 you cannot open the links in New Tab (There is no Tabbed Browsing available)
So What would you do if you have to stay in the same page which you are in and still want to open a link present in the current page?

You will be in dilemma to prioritize the Pages.. Though the IE6 browser provides you the Back tab functionality (where you could go back to last action) you might not be comfortable doing it…


What Am I trying to say?
The Traditional Kind of Browsing allows you to make very quick decisions and everything under some base.

Consider the Google Search. You will be searching with some keyword and you got Top 10 Results in Google Home Page…

There are actually Two Types of Action:

The Person with Latest Tabbed Browser like Mozilla / Chrome would open all 10 Top Results in 10 separate Tabs of Same Browser.
Though he will be exposed to lot of Resources under the same browser very handily, this May not help him in taking quick decisions… There are 10 results for his query and he has to decide over the 10! More Overhead!

and Again it goes on! the 1 result out of 10 which he chooses is not final, he would again go on for Yet another Link(which he opens in New Tab Again) making his browsing life very interesting and exploring but don’t you think it delays his Job and Making very Complex?

tabbed browsing


The Person with Traditional Browser (Untabbed browser) Will be very Quicker in his decisions… (Very Less Exposed to Resources though)…

The Person when he sees Top 10 search results for his query, he would be choosing the best one within the 10 results and once he clicks on 1 of 10 results, There is high probability that he stays in the selected page and would stick to that…

Untabbed browsing is better in One way, it reduces the complexity and helps you to take instant decisions (unlike opening each and every link in new tab as in Modern Tabbed browser)


You might be wondering why i didn’t consider The Factor Opening Link in New Window. Though Opening link in New Window is nice option (even present in traditional browser), I just wanted to quote the user experience within a single Window… and of course opening links in New Window increases the Overhead on Task Bar!

I would be soon writing on Opening Links in New Window depending on your responses to this post!

Feel free to Agree or Criticize This Article! Don’t you think Tabbed Browsing is making you lazy/ Complex?


Google Chrome Updates With a Brand New Look


Google Chrome Update:

I was Just Shocked to know that Google Chrome has Updated its Browser appearance and other settings. Here are Few Details

The Browser Home Page Looks SomeThing Different. Earlier In The homepage of Browser it showed 3×3 aligned 9 thumbnails which is now changed to 4×2 type with 8 Thumbnails!

The Screenshot of Old Version of Google Chrome Browser Showing 3×3 thumbnails.

The Screenshot of Newer Version of Google Chrome Browser with 4×2 Thumbnails

Not Only This, Also The Sidebar in earlier Version is removed. An Extra Footer is added Just Below The Thumbnails. There are options like list, grid which you can use for further customizatons.

How Do I get Updated to This Newer Version of Google Chrome?
It’s Simple, Just Click on The File Icon on right top side of your browser window. and click on About Google Chrome. You Could see a window Popping Up about the current version details. You can even see an update option if yours is older one.

update chrome


In This Newer Version of Google Chrome you could even change the background themes. There are So Many Themes available.. You Can Get one of Them Here. There are 29 New Themes available. Make Sure you have updated to newer version before you apply theme

new theme
grass theme

Google Chrome’s Omnibox has also been updated with additional suggestions on Search.

So why Wait? Just Update Your Old Google Chrome Browser to New one Google Chrome or get a cool brand new browser here