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How to Get The New Google Adsense Interface (beta)


Google Adsense has Come up with a New Interface for its Users. The New Adsense is More Faster when compared to the Old one. However it Requires some more time for adsense users to get used to this new beta interface of Adsense.

How Does The New Adsense Interface Look?

The Theme is Some What Similar to Google Adwords Interface. You can say, they have Nicely combined the features of Google Analytics(Those Graphs) and Adwords (Theme).

How do I Switch to New Google Adsense Interface from Old Adsense Inteface(Present one)

You Must be a Able to See a Red link with the Text ” Try New Adsense Interface” on right Top of your Adsense Page when Logged in. (As Shown Below)
Just Click on that link which automatically takes you to New Interface of Adsense.

I cannot See The Button “Try New Adsense Interface Beta” . How Do I get The New Interface for Adsense?

Adsense team are still in the Process of Testing This New Theme. Soon you will be able to See an option to switch into new adsense Interface. If You are in a hurry to have this New Interface of Adsense very Soon, you Could Fill The Interest form. Upon Submitting the Form, Google Adsense team will be soon adding you this new interface for your account.

How different is New Adsense Interface when Compared to Old One?
Content wise, there is No Much difference. The Major Change is On Way of Representing the Stats. You could See Very Impressive Graphs as in Google Analytics.

You Could Revert Back to Old Adsense Interface by Clicking on “Return to old AdSense interface” on Right Top next to Feedback.

Did You Like The New Interface of Adsense?? Feel free to comment below 🙂


Full Length Ads by Google to Promote Google Chrome


Bigger Ads Perform Better. That’s What we Have Learnt from Google. Google Adsense Has Given Hell lot of Tips and Tricks for Publishers to Improve Click-Through Rate on Advertisements By Suitably Optimizing and Positioning It.

Have You Ever Seen A Google Ad which is as Bigger as Your Page!??
Yes, Here it is!.

Google’s New Strategy to Put up Full Length Page Ads on Webpages. Currently Google is Promoting Their Own Products Like Google Chrome on This BIG ad slots. In Future This Feature May be Available for Other Advertisers, Not Sure.

Let Us Have a Look at Google’s BIGGEST ad Blocks Promoting Google Chrome

New BIG Ad Block-1

This Ad Block’s Length is 960 X 250 Px.. You Can Imagine How Bigger It is. Here is the Screenshot.
Page Banner

You Can See This Google Ad on Youtube HomePage at Youtube.com Which Promotes Google Chrome Browser and Its Capabilities in The Form Slideshow, which You Can Pause and Play.

New BIG AdBlock-2

This Advertisement Occupies Almost The Entire Area of The Page. The Size of This Ad is 735×500 px. In Short, We Can Call This as KING of Google Ads! Have a look at it

Full Page Google Ad Promoting Google OS

You Can See This Ad Live on All Your Exit Pages of Orkut.. Or Simply Visit This Orkut Exit Page to See Giant Ads!

Till Now Google Carried The words Bigger Ads are Better and Now is this the Time to say Biggest Ads are Best! ?

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Analyse your Adsense Revenue from Desktop


It’s Normal Human Tendency That he expects Something For What he does…
You have a Nice Website with King like Content, Updated Very Regularly, You have a Nice Count of Readers Through Feed, You are getting Quite a Lot of Visitors, Everything is Going Well… And What Next? You definitely Gonna ask yourself

At The End of the day, How Much did I earn?


Every one will be familiar with the normal way of checking the Revenue from Adsense.. It is as Easy as anything.. As soon as you Login to your Adsense account it will be Redirected to Reports Overview Section under the URL https://www.google.com/adsense/report/overview..
(Google Adsense Guidelines says That Checking your adsense account again and again could hamper your Earnings). There is a way to get Rid of it, You Could Directly access the Revenue details and analyse the details like CTR, Impressions for Ad Units, eCPM etc Right from your Desktop without visiting official Adsense Reports each and everytime….

The Desktop Tool which I’m talking about is SysSense a product by Singer’s Creation.. SysSense Requires you to fill Some Basic Details like Username and Password for your adsense account.. This is The Onetime Process, Once you have authorized and have authenticated, it is the job of SysSense to download The Detailed Revenue Reports just by hovering on Tray Icons in your Desktop…

Some Important features of SysSense are
1. Complete Customization, Where You Could Configure a bell to Ring…
You Can Configure for a Alaram which Rings, when some1 clicks on your adsense ad block, or for impressions..

bell adsense

2. Link Any Number of Adsense Account… SysSense allows you to integrate Multiple Adsense Account..

3. Quick Updates, The Revenue data will be downloaded for every Minute,(you can set this as you like).. So you will be updated with the latest revenue report without visiting The official site..

4. Statistics like Daily Report, Weekly Report, Monthly Report for Individual Ad Unit, Page for Impressions, Earnings CTRs and others
Stats adsense

You Can Download This Handy Tool by Visiting Singer’s Creation Official Website here for Your Windows Machine….

These are My Very Honest Review as I’m Using this tool from one Year and It is working Great for me..

Share with Us, Have You Tried SysSense Tool?
What Tool do You Use to Analyse The Adsense Reports from your Desktop?

Link: Sysense


How I Answered to Google AdSense User Feedback Survey!


This Morning I saw a Special Tab by name Take Our Survey when i logged into My Adsense Account!
Here Are The Survey Details. I started by Clicking this icon at Right Top.

Tool for Survey

Overall, How Satisfied are you with Google Adsense! The First Question For Me!


I Marked Moderately Satified!

Will You Recommend Google adsense to Your Friend or Colleague?

I Marked 0 Definitely Would not!
I don’t Want To Spread Business secrets! lol 🙂

The Next Question!

What I Marked.

I was Moderately Satisfied with Features and Capability, Visual Appeal,  Ease of Use , Extremely Satisfied with Trustworthiness and Privacy and Security, Slightly satisfied with speed and ease of use, and slightly dissatisfied with Technical reliability.

Yup, i never got Proper Answers in Google adsense Help Centre Forums..

Next Question

Moderately Satisfied with Clarity of Google Adsense Policies (They Change it Very Often) , Neutral with Amount of Revenue Generated (I have both good and bad response for this, so neutral) , Extremely dissatisfied with predictability of Revenue (Can’t guess damn out of it)

The Next Question!

Normally I use Adsense to Run Reports, Create a new search box, Create a new adsense unit and I Use Channels extensively to track urls and units.


Next Question!

Moderately Satisfied with Running Reports (not use much Though)

Very Happy With Channels, Extremely Satisfied with using Channels.

Moderately Satisfied with Creating a new search box and adsense unit. It Takes 10 Minutes to appear so i m not extremely satisfied with that!

Next Question!

Using Adsense From 1 year!

I log in To Google Account Very Often, Multiple Times per day!

For Business, (Secondary Income).. don’t ask me about Primary Income, Still a student !

Next Question!

The Only Source of Income is Through Adsense.

No of Employees who work with Me:  Me Alone.

Only 1 ad Network, I tried Bidvertiser, adbrite .. i didn’t like it!

Finally Finished with Answering This Google Adsense Survey. Took Around 3 Minutes!

Hope You Enjoyed This Post! Do Try This Survey, It Will be Fun To Answer! Do Share Your Survey Answers Here.. Thank You  🙂