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Google added DocVerse to its shopping cart


For some time google has been in a shopping spree . After advark its docVerse now.Well is it a good move. Oh yeah . Google can use DocVerse ‘s Microsoft Office plug-in software in its apps. Guess how much google is spending for this ?? 25million $. but apparently google hasn’t figured out how buying docverse will help is app base.Who care they have money and they like buying start ups :))

google loves docverse

Well docVerse itself provides some great features

  • Whether users are working on a document online OR offline, DocVerse tracks, manages and syncs all changes to merge them correctly into one updated version of the document
  • Saving any document in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel automatically syncs it to the cloud. That means the most recent version of any document is always available on your computer, as well as on the Web with a unique, shareable URL that never changes.
  • Adding editors is as easy as just typing or pasting e-mail addresses. DocVerse takes care of the rest by linking them to the right documents.
  • Comments entered via the Web browser and Microsoft Office plug-in are synced automatically, enabling collaboration between people with and those without Microsoft Office software installed on their computers.
  • All activity for every document is recorded into an activity stream which is viewable via Microsoft Office, any Web browser, or an RSS stream.
  • A version history is created for every document with edits captured automatically, as well as the ability to roll back to any version with a single click.

Come to think of it .This is the fourth acquisition after picnic,remail and advark. Looks like the next coming year Google will be focusing on marketing  and with the money gained it’ll shop for some cools apps .