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Google Android One to Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

by Athul SDecember 24, 2014

Google Android One to Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh: After the successful launch of Android One in India three months ago, Google introduces the Android One program to other Asian countries including Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The Android One initiative aims to make high quality smart phones accessible to as many people as possible […]

Google Maps now available in Hindi

by Chethan ThimmappaJuly 22, 2014

As a part of its global initiative to make maps more useful for users locally, Google is launching Google Maps in Hindi. Starting today, people will be able to see Hindi names for cities, localities, important roads, as well as popular points of interest such as public parks and schools, on the new Google Maps and on Google Maps […]

Google’s "Zerg Rush" is here to save your day, or is it? Time to battle with the mighty O’s

by AnonymousJanuary 18, 2013
Google's zerg rush easter trick

Google amazed us yet again with their latest Easter egg. This time it is called Zerg Rush. Its time for you to try it out. Search for the term “Zerg Rush” in Google and find yourself in the midst of a lot of O’s whose sole mission is to destroy all your search results by […]

Google Nexus 7 (Tablet)

by Shaquille RayJuly 1, 2012
Google / Asus Nexus 7

Google might of surprised us with the awesome Google Glasses Demo they showed off at I/O this year but the next best thing an affordable tablet that even a parent on the Family Tax Benefit* in Australia can afford. Google announce th Buy Discount Cialis Online e Nexus 7, and of course its a tablet. […]

Google and Lego Team Up Downunder- Google Build

by Shaquille RayJune 27, 2012
google build australia

Lego lets face it! How hasn’t heard of it or played with it, either if you where young or in your 80’s building a Lego harry potter castle.Or just be like internet sensation iJustine building her Lego self. Well now in Australia go have cheap cialis tablets teamed together with Lego to bring Google Build […]

Google+ Local now Officially launched: Google Places Bye-Bye

by AnonymousJune 1, 2012
Google+ Local officially launches

Google+ Local has recently been launched by Google. In short, it is a replacement to Google Places but a really good recommendation tool, probably even better than Foursquare recommendations mainly because it integrates the Google+ social network. Google has partnered up with Zagat to introduce Google+ Local. Zagat is a very well known company which […]

Google Drive becomes official: What you need to know about it

by AnonymousMay 5, 2012
Google Drive is now out

Google Drive is the latest attraction from Google which is a Cloud storage solution but more than that actually. But we already have a number of solutions for cloud storage such as the popular Dropbox,, Microsoft Skydrive but what’s so special with Google Drive? Lets find out shall we. What’s the Getaway? Google Drive […]

Google's Plus One Buttons now features a new look: Increases Engagement!

by AnonymousMarch 18, 2012
Google Plus updates its buttons

Just recently Google has rolled out a new slick set of Google Plus buttons for its social networking platform. Google tells us the new buttons are sure to increase user engagement on your site. If you cialis buy are still confused about wh canadian pharmacy cialis at i am talking about, then here is a […]

Google Chrome 17 is here! Update now to experience a new user interface.

by AnonymousFebruary 11, 2012
Google Chrome gets an enormous update

Google Chrome 17 has finally been released. We had already told you earlier that the Chrome team, Guide To Buying & Selling Cell Phones had plans to release the next big version of Google Chrome which included vast new speed improvements and security features. Google Chrome Version 17 was out on February 8th. If you […]

Google falls back its Navigation Bar to the good ol’ Black

by AnonymousFebruary 4, 2012
Google Navigation Bar gets a makeover.......Again!

Google homepage is now back with the old black navigation bar. Just a few months back Google had released a compact version of its navigation bar which used javascript to show a drop-down menu layout. Apparently the change upset a few of them. As you can see in the pic below, the navigation bar is […]