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Gmail Preview Pane launched

Gmail Preview Pane launched. Browse mails faster

Gmail just yesterday launched its new gadget or shall i say a Labs feature, the Preview Pane. As the name suggests its use, the widget is used to preview your mails rather than opening them completely.

Gmail Preview Pane enable

To enable this feature just goto your mail settings, select the Labs tab. Enter preview as your search word. Click on the Preview pane result. Mark the Enable checkbox and click Save changes.


When the page gets reloaded, you will see a small list button at the side of your navigation buttons. Just click it and you will be shown with a dropdown box. Select Vertical Split or Horizontal split according to your desire. A new sidebar will be launched. Just click on any mail message and you will be previewing it on your preview pane in no time.

Gmail Preview Pane in action

Quite an easy way to check your messages isn’t it? I for one think its very arduous and time consuming to sit and open each unread mail and press back to return to the inbox. With this feature a lot of mails can be read in a short time.

Folks at TechCrunch and Mashable are regarding this as a messed up and an incomplete product but i beg to differ.

Tell us what you think about this new contraption! Is it a GO or a NO-GO?

4 Gmail labs that aren’t worth a Penny

I recently came across a post on 5 Gmail labs you should enable to increase productivity. Well, this is an article response to that post. Gmail labs, though known for it’s innovations and awesomeness, has on the other hand also launched a few lab features that are… not worth a penny. Here’s the top four:

1. Back to Beta

Heh, not required – is it?

Back to Beta
Back to Beta - worth a penny? 😉

2. Old Snakey

Who’d like to play the old snakey game when tonnes of official mails are unread yet?

Old snakey game in Gmail
Old snakey game in Gmail labs

3. Signature tweaks

Signature tweaks - Outdated lab in Gmail
Signature tweaks - Outdated lab in Gmail

Yes, an outdated lab feature this one. After Gmail has introduced HTML signatures by default, this lab isn’t worth retaining it’s position on the labs as Gmail’s stable site without any labs has been tweaked.

4. Default text Styling

Default text styling - A lab feature for the egoistic Gmail'ers
Default text styling - A lab feature for the egoistic Gmail'ers

Facebook doesn’t allow users sending HTML mails though they can view HTML e-mails, I’ve seen many people opting for their @facebook.com mail address lately. Let us not leave them envious by sending HTML mails to them – let’s learn to be generous, my friends. 😛

The above listed were the Gmail labs that I most hated. Let me know in the comments which of the Gmail labs do you hate and which one you love.

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