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Gmail Pops Hover Card for your Messages


Gmail is The Most Used Email Service on Web. Gmail was kept in beta for more than 5 years. and came out of it very recently. Even After Coming out of Beta, Gmail has continuously tried to make updates.. Say, Integrating Google’s Sharing Service “Buzz” by placing it just below the inbox.

Today Gmail has done a New addition (You Can Call this as a Minor Update) by Introducing first of its kind Hover Cards for your Messages.. If you Hover Over any Messages on your Gmail account you can see a small Hover Card Popping up with the details of Email, like email ID, Recent Conversations etc.. Here is how the Gmail’s HoverCard looks like.

The Hover Card Looks Similar to Gtalk’s Contact Card as it uses the Same Design. It Consists of Email id and Two Clickable Options “Email” and “More”. You can directly compose Emails by Clicking on “Email” option or Expand “More” to Find “Recent Conversations” and “Send SMS” options!

With This Update one could still easily navigate by just hovering and choosing the Right Option!