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Belkin Product Launch Official Coverage: New range of mouse and keyboards


Belkin India recently launched their newest range of computer peripherals, keyboards and mouse devices, here in Bangalore. And our team just happened to be there to report what new gadgets they had in store for us.

If you didn’t already know, five of Belkin products have already been awarded with 2012 CES Innovations Award and the California based company offers the widest range of consumer electronic products in India and abroad. Although not recognized as a major market leader in the Tech industry, Belkin products are rapidly gaining influence over the Indian IT market lately.

belkin official product launch bangalore

Here is the official Press Release by Belkin India,

Belkin targets to attain sales of Rs. 250 crore in 2012

Bangalore, November 29, 2011: Belkin India, a leading provider of interconnectivity solutions across computing and consumer electronic devices, announced its plans for 2012-2013 with an aggressive strategy to reinforce its strength and spread across product categories.

The company registered a robust growth of 62 percent in 2011 over 2010 and announced growth target of 60 percent in 2012. Belkin India recorded revenue of Rs. 150 crore in the year 2011 as compared to Rs. 95 crore in 2010 in the Indian subcontinent. Belkin India aims to target sales of Rs. 250 crore in the year starting from October 2011 to September 2012.

To accomplish the growth targets and to widen the product portfolio, the company has launched its wired and wireless keyboards and mouse range. With the launch of these products, Belkin India aims at completing its wide portfolio of products in the IT peripheral category. To support the product marketing and brand building activities in India, the company has earmarked a marketing and advertisement investment of Rs. 12 crore for the year 2012.

Speaking on the occasion Mohit Anand, Managing Director, Belkin India subcontinent, said: “Since our inception in 2009, Belkin has been able to establish a strong hold in the Indian market. After our success in India, we have begun to establish a strong foothold in the SAARC region. In the year ahead, Belkin plans to consolidate its position as a pioneer in path-breaking technology, innovation combined with great emphasis on customer relevant products. The company also plans to strengthen its business through an aggressive sales channel expansion in the tier II and tier III markets for its business and expansion.”

Further expressing his delight Mohit added, “We are very excited about completing our product portfolio in the IT peripheral category with the launch of Belkin wired and wireless keyboards and mouse range. We have appointed Supertron Electronics Limited as our national distributor for Belkin keyboards and mice range. They will help us to gain further inroads into wider markets.”

Also, in order to provide better after sales service to Belkin customer, the company has launched a 24×7 technical support in Hindi. This initiative will make Belkin the first IT company in India to provide this service in the local language. Belkin customers can dial on the nationwide toll free number 1800 419 5546 in case of any technical support required. Also, Belkin has set up more than 50 service centres in the country where any Belkin products can be replaced across the table.

Belkin aims to add greater convenience to the lives of people working on computers at home and in offices with their latest launch keyboard and mouse to meet the specific requirements of the Indian customers.

Belkin has launched the K100; a wired keyboard with multimedia keys. It features spill resistant design with a USB and PS/2 compatible and comes with a three-year limited warranty. The mouse range launched today includes wire and wireless mouse with optical and laser technology. The company also launched their combination package in wire and wireless configuration.

All of these products come with a three-year limited warranty. The MRP of the products are:
– Wire and wireless mouse range from Rs 429 to Rs. 1,199.
– Keyboard – Rs 569.
– Combo package ranges from Rs 869-Rs 2,629.

Please take a look at our exclusive live event pics and captures of the latest Belkin Laptop Cooling Hubs, Surge Protectors, Cooling Lounges, USB Charging stations, keyboards and mouses, and Ultimate wireless combos.

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Longing for a waterproof mobile? You already own one!


We have many Facebook pages and also have a deep impression in our heart longing for waterproof mobiles. Much are the chances of our mobile phones/iPod/iPad getting wet and we search for a remedy in all possible ways.

The rice trick for Wet electronic devices
The rice trick for Wet electronic devices

We all know, prevention is better than cure; So let’s better learn how-to save a wet mobile before we undergo such a situation.

Rice is not only nutritious and delicious but also has the capability of saving your wet electronic gadgets. All electronic gadgets, which is wet, can be recovered by following the instructions provided below:

  1. Switch off your wet mobile device [If not automatically switched off]
  2. Cover the iPod/iPhone/Blackberry completely with in a bowl of rice beacause Rice being a natural desiccant and will therefore help absorb the excess moisture.
  3. Leave it for at least 1 day to dry and remember NOT to charge the device meanwhile.
  4. If your device has a removable battery, then dry it separately in an other bowl of rice to speed up the drying process.

I tried the same with my Nokia 2630 and it did work. You must Give it a try, whenever your Ipad/Ipod/Iphone or any expensive device takes a shower. Thus, We may call all mobile phones are Waterproof! 😛

Via: Labnol

Do let us know if you know any other remedy to save your wet and expensive gadget?


Tata Photon Plus wins Gadget of the Year Award

Tata Teleservices Limited network has yet another feather in its cap! TTSL’s Tata Photon Plus, the innovative wireless broadband product, has won yet another industry accolade at the ‘NDTV Tech Life Awards 2010’ ceremony held on Sunday evening in New Delhi. TTSL was adjudged the ‘Gadget of the Year—Jury’s Choice’ award for Tata Photon Plus, the market leader in the wireless mobile broadband access space.

The NDTV Tech Life Awards are widely considered as India’s most credible awards to honor the best in the field of Gadgets and Gizmos. Now into its second year, The NDTV Tech Life Awards has become bigger and better than before. This year it has introduced several new categories and the selection process too has become all the more competitive. However the pinnacle of all the categories is the NDTV Gadget of the Year category and its winner is decided by an eminent jury panel along with viewer’s choice through public voting.

This prestigious award was received by Tata Teleservices Limited at Delhi’s Hotel Taj Palace, Sardar Patel Marg, from the jury panel that adjudicated over the nominations and the selection of the winners—amongst the jury members were noted technologists and celebrities like Mr Atul Chitnis, Mr Kishore Bhargava, Mr Prasanto Kumar Roy, Ms Gul Panag, Mr Vikram Chandra, Mr Rajiv Makhni, Mr Nishant Padhiar and Mr Ashish Bhatia.

The award further strengthens the recognition received by the company on the products and networks fronts, the best of which has been the seven consecutive times that TTSL has been awarded the ‘Company with the Least Congested Network’ by TRAI.


Now Download Opera Mobile Widgets as Mobile Apps.List of Opera Widgets


opera mobile widgets

One good news for those mobile web developers. Till date it was not only difficult enough to create mobile compatible site but horrendous task to create web application for mobile.Well Opera came up with platform that can be used to run application. This level of abstraction allows developers to forget about the underlying architecture and concentrate on the application itself.
Opera widgets uses standards like HTML,CSS and javascript Which almost all website is made up with . Opera supports widgets from 9.5 version.One can download a large number of widgets from opera widgets site . Developing your own opera widget is not that difficult too . Would take a no-voice developer few hours to come with with a widget and opera widgets site allows you to publish it too. Can it get better ?
Some of the widgets i found useful were

Opera Twitter Widget.

This Widget is yet another application added to the already billion ones that are available . but the best part is that this is a little but faster .

The password is saved onto ur system but come with flaws like i cannot see more tweet just a few display.
cannot favorite a tweet. Overall is it better than those available ? I guess yes and u should try it .
To download Opera Twitter Widget
Click here

Opera Facebook widget

This is a pretty neat app i’d say . Looks very familiar. The only problem felt is cramped information but that is wat facebook is lotta of unwanted information . So Digg wat u want 🙂
To download opera facebook widget
Click here

Artist Sketch book 1.6
artist sketch book
This is the best i liked when ever i want to copy a pic from net and wanna edit this is the app i use . Man it does make life simpler 🙂 and i just love this cool widget and at times i use it to take notes to 🙂
To download Artist Sketch book 1.6
Click Here

Opera ebook reader Widget
Ebook reader
Well this is the most used pp according to opera . This is a simple reader which can read epub format which is the most famous open standard form of e-book. Well this is one app we would recommend you to try and boy will u love it
To download opera ebook reader widget CLick here

Well these are just a few of the widgets that are useful . My next post would be how to create a opera widget in simple steps. Until then try out other widgets and let us know how u like it 🙂 Soon we could Download Opera Mobile Widgets as Mobile Apps..


The sixth sense will keep us human


Sixth Sense Pranav Mistry

The rumors about the next generation computers is something many people already know about. Let me list a few for example:

1. A memory chip will be put inside humans to make the brain work superfast

2. Robots will take over the world

3. The ageing process of humans will be stopped
In humans, and in all living organisms for that matter, there is a mechanism which makes us grow old. Till the age of 25 we develop, and after the age of 25 we start to self destruct to let way for the next generation. This self destruct process is what we call ageing. If we can stop this self destruct proces, then we can live forever.

4. We can grow wings, and many other features by taking the genes of other organisms

5. We can remove our physical parts and replace them with mechanical parts
This partially or wholly mechanical organism is called a cyborg

Considering all the facts above, what will be the future of human beings ? We are slowing making ourselves into mechanical monsters who sit in front of the computer 😛 Its surely not human to change ourselves into machines, nor is it human to make robots that can take over the world. And living for eternity by destroying the ageing process ? Its crossed the limits !

The sixth sense in the animal kingdom is a sense which tells animals about the dangers they may face. We humans have another way of realizing dangers, through technology. Whenever an earthquake or a natural calamity is going to strike us, we get to know about it through technology, while animals know it through their sixth sense.

The question was, could we develop a sixth sense ? A sense that will enable us to know all the info directly.

Knowing this, Pranav Mistry, a student at MIT Labs India, has made a device which he called the Sixth Sense. He made this device so that we may get the info we need, not making us inhuman in the process. “This device lets us interact with the physical world, by bringing a part of our digital world into our physical world” says Pranav Mistry. The possibilities of this device is beyond imagination which I cant explain in words, so here is a video explaining what this device can do:

Demo by Pattie Maes’ lab at MIT

You can even watch how Pranav Mistry made the Sixth Sense:

Pranav Explains about the Sixth Sense

This device is bound to pose a threat to the Microsoft Surface.

But the main reason Pranav made this device is so that we may not get carried away by technology. When we use a gadget, we really don’t need that gadget, but we need the information that the gadget gives us. And this was the main inspiration to the making of the Sixth Sense.

The good part is, the software for this device is open source. You can just about buy a camera, a projector, a mobile and put the Sixth Sense software in it, which you get free of cost. If you want to make a unique Sixth Sense, just call up Pranav and ask him to make it, and he will make it for you free of cost.

Lets see the advantage of this:
Portable Computer + Internet + Mobile Phone + Camera + Projector + Instant Access to Info = 350 $ or nearly Rs. 16,000.

Nowadays an iPhone itself will cost much more than that. This device was made keeping cost efficiency in mind.

But how will the Sixth Sense affect you ? Will you buy it if you see it in your nearest Departmental Store ? Give your comments…