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Microsoft surface tablets - A Closer Look

Microsoft Surface Tablets: 6 Reasons it will make your iPad look Ancient

Microsoft Surface Tablets are probably the latest buzz on the Internet. People have already decided to part ways with Apple, after seing the specs of the new Windows 8 powered tablet devices by Microsoft.

Long before there was the Apple iPad and now there is the Microsoft Surface Tablet. Microsoft is taking its tablet industry one step ahead by launching these touchscreen tablets.

1. Fastest Processors on the Planet

Microsoft surface tablets - tegra processors

The Surface tablets will come in two versions, the Windows RT version and the Windows 8 Pro version. The RT version will run on Nvidia’s ARM chipsets and the Operating system will be Windows RT.

While the Windows 8 Pro version will run on Intel’s latest generation Ivy bridge processors and will be powered by the Windows 8 Pro operating system.

2. Windows 8 Operating System+Metro Style Apps

Windows 8 operating system which is still under development is supposed to make its debut on these Surface Tablets. The Metro Style dashboard and apps are probably the only WOW factors on Windows 8.

Although the concept of Windows 8 was taken a tad poorly by reviewers because it is designed more towards the touchscreen interfaces, its applications will now carry that extra Oomph when it will be previewed on Windows 8 Pro Surface tablets.

3. Full-HD Displays: Time to WOW

Microsoft surface tablets - 1080p displays

Both the RT and Windows 8 Pro will have the same size displays on-board i.e. 10.6 inch cleartype HD panel, although the Pro version will be a Full HD (1080p) display and you are likely to enjoy it more because it also gets you 6 hours of battery life with a 42W battery.

Magnesium casing will further protect the body and give you the added textured finish to your Surface tablets.

4. Touchpad (SURFACE): One of a Kind

Microsoft surface tablets - touchpad surfaces

What makes these tablets unique are their touchpads! The Surface tablet (unlike the iPad), will have a physical keyboard and a trackpad too which can be fixed onto the keyboard with the help of covers which will allow you to use it as a touchpad.

Additionally, a built-in kickstand will offer you the much needed ease of use. Oh did i tell you, there’s also a pen input? Yes this is not an ordinary pen, the digital ink will flow when you touch the screen with the pen, by which you can hand draw almost anything take a digital Mona Lisa for example hehe…top that iPad!

5. MS Office 2013: Ahead of the future

If you are a student and use Microsoft Office often (i know i do), the RT tablet will come with Office 2013 alongwith the Windows RT, and the guys at the Guardian are already regarding the RT tab as the best MS Office experience.

Fast typing on a tablet is obviously not possible, mostly because of the touchpad and Surface tablets eliminate that drawback by giving you access to physical keyboards.

6. Slimmer than the iPad, Lighter than Miley Cyrus (Almost)

Microsoft surface tablets - very thin and light

Images credit: laptopmag.com

Measuring at a mighty 9.3mm thickness, definitely less than the iPad, the Surface tablets weigh at 676g which is give or take the same as iPad. The RT tablet will be available in storage size of 32GB and 64GB whereas the Pro version will offer you 64GB or 128GB storage spaces.

USB 3.0 connectivity can only be seen in the Pro version, whereas the RT houses the (not so) outdated USB 2.0, and microSD slots are available in both the Surface tablets.

Pricing and Release

Microsoft hasn’t yet officially announced the pricing of these tabs though from what the engadget guys are speculating, these tablets will be more or less in the $500-$700, again that’s just a rumor. Steve Ballmer is planning to release these tabs late this 2012, although Verge is already expecting it in October.

Hands crossed, these Surface tablets will surely be a great competitor to the iPad and unless the guys at Apple are thinking of something unique for their next iPad these tablets will surely hit a home run this summer.

Belkin Retractable Mouse Hands-on

Belkin Retractable Comfort Mouse [Hands-On Review and Unboxing]

At the recent Belkin event held in Bangalore i was fortunate enough to get my hands on one of the devices at display. Here is a hands on review of the latest Belkin Retractable Mouse.

Belkin has surprised us with a great collection of mices and keyboard combos. I was very much excited to test one of them and here i am with this amazing contraption.

Let me list out the features of this mouse.

  • Wired Optical Mouse
  • USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Windows 7 compatible
  • Retractable wire
  • Designed for comfort use

Check out the pics i clicked while unboxing this pretty little gadget.

Belkin retractable mouse screenshot 1

Belkin retractable mouse screenshot 2

Belkin retractable mouse screenshot 3

Belkin retractable mouse screenshot 4

Belkin retractable mouse screenshot 5

Belkin retractable mouse screenshot 6

Belkin retractable mouse screenshot 7

While not being a high-end model, this mouse still grabbed my attention by its unique comfortable design. When you rest your palm on the mouse, you can feel the ease and can relax your hands perfectly. That’s what we call an ergonomic equipment, very comfortable to use. Its sleek and slim in shape. A nice polished finish gives it a smooth surface. In looks its just minimalistic, not too flashy and attractive but yet it gives you that feeling of elegance. I personally am not concerned about looks, for me its always about performance and comfortability.

VERDICT: This is a great mouse for people who are more inclined towards comfortability and ease in work. It can get things done quickly. Also the retractable cable eliminates the fuss of long wires which could come in your way while doing work. The response is also good and is quite sensitive to movements. This mouse is also reasonably priced which makes it no doubt, the best buy.

Also be sure to check out our on-event pics of the Belkin Product Launch by Team Chaaps.

If you are happy with this review please consider leaving by a comment. Thank You.


Photos at the Belkin Product Launch

Chaaps "Exclusive" snaps and pics at the Belkin India Product Launch

You would have already read the Belkin India Press statement. And here are the pics we captured of the various peripheral components and Laptop accessories offered by Belkin.

Belkin laptop bags
Belkin Laptop Bags

Belkin Power adaptor
Belkin Power Adaptor

Belkin compact mouse
Belkin Compact Mouse

belkin wireless mouse
Belkin Wireless Mouse

belkin ultimate wireless mouse
Belkin Ultimate Wireless Mouse

belkin surge protectors
Belkin Surge Protectors

belkin cooling lounge for laptops
Belkin Cooling Lounge for Laptops

belkin headphone hubs
Belkin Headphone Hub

belkin wireless routers
Belkin Wireless Router

belkin surge protector with 16amp plug
Belkin Surge Protector Home Series

belkin laptop cooling hubs
Belkin Laptop Cooling Hub

belkin usb charging station
Belkin USB Charging Station

belkin wireless combo
Belkin Wireless Combo

The launch of these products completes Belkin’s consumer equipments portfolio in the IT peripheral category. Belkin is already successful in marketing their products in the networking solutions category. Apart from networking and consumer categories, their products have also gained recognition in the Mobile Computing field, Structured cabling field, Energy efficient products and Power protection devices.

Mohit Anand also quoted during the event that it is the World No. 1 manufacturer in providing Apple accessories. An Appleboy always knows Belkin products very well because of the extensive work they put through while developing the best iPod and iPad cases for Apple devices.

Anyway we wish them the best of luck for all their future innovations. Visit Belkin to know more.


List of Google Wave Gadgets – Add Gadget by URL


After writing a Post on How to add Gadgets in Google wave, I thought I would Post all The Latest Available Gadgets for Google Wave.

Here is The Complete List of available Google Wave Gadgets…

Google Wave Extension List


Add Bidder Gadget to your Google Wave.

Just Copy Paste The URL given Below and at in your Wave by Clicking on “Add Gadget by URL

XML URL for Bidder Google Wave Gadget:



Here is How the Bidder Gadget looks when used in Wave.

bidder gadget

2.Ratings Gadget

Add Ratings Gadget to your Google Wave.
Here is The XML URL for this Gadget, which you can Rate anything Interesting in your Conversation and Share it with your Contacts..


This Rating Gadget when used in Google Wave looks like This
ratings gadget

3. Play Chess Gadget

Now You could Play Chess with your Partners Just in Google wave.
Here is The link for Play Chess Google Wave Gadget

Screenshot Showing The Chess Game in Google Wave
play chess

4.Sudoku Gadget
Now Play Sudoku in Google wave with This Gadget.
You and Your Partner Could together Solve Sudoku, and Points will be credited for each.

Here is Link for Sudoku Gadget used in Google Wave


Sudoku Gadget as In Google Wave:
sudoku gadget

5. Magnetic Poetry

Play with Words as you like, display your Creativity composing a Poem using Magnetic Poetry Gadget…

Here is The XML link for Google Wave Gadget – Magnetic Poetry


Magnetic Poetry Gadget Screenshot when used in Google Wave
magnetic poetry gadget

For Interesting Google Wave Robots Check here

Still There are Lots of Google Wave Gadget Coming Up. I will be updating it shortly in the same Post.

Do You Know any interesting Gadget for Google Wave?
Feel Free to Share with Us!


How to Add Gadgets in Google Wave?


You Can Add Gadgets in Google Wave by Just Specifying The Gadget URL in XML form..
Here is The Step by Step procedure how you could add a Gadget for Google Wave .



Click on The New Wave Tab and Start a Fresh Wave
new wave


As Soon as you Click on The New Wave Button, you will be able to see a wave box in the 3rd column of your Wave Homepage.

In Order to See The Link Gadget you Need to Expand the Wave Window

Google Wave Shrinked Box

In the enlarged Google Wave Window, Locate The Gadget Icon and Click on it . A Box Pops Up Prompting for an URL Add Gadget by URL



Please Note:
While adding The Gadget URL make sure it is an XML file.
The Example URL which i have used is http://blah.appspot.com/wave/sudoku/sudoku.xml which is a Sudoku Gadget…
Once You Have Added The URL, You Could see The Corresponding Gadget and you u can add all your contacts to use the gadget all at Real Time!


Here is The List of Gadgets Available in Google Wave

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