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Soon 7400 Mb of your GMail Free Space will be Consumed by Buzz


Gmail, Email from Google!
Gmail is the Leader of all Email Services on Web. Gmail has Integration of GTalk, POP3, IMAP and Provides a Free Space of 7400+ Mb.

Gmail Recently launched Buzz, which is a Twitter/Facebook like Sharing service.. where you share your Status Updates and your Follows can like and Comment your Updates…You are also allowed to Integrate your Picasa Albums, Twitter and many other accounts and feeds with Google Buzz… Buzz provided you a feature to follow anyone on Buzz … and you could see their live news feed on your Buzz Section….

Buzz’s Activity is Drastically Increasing day by day… with increased number of people whom you follow.. you are obviously stuffed with their updates straight to your Gmail’s Buzz Section…

If You have Forgot let me Remember you… Though Gmail boasts that it is a Free Email service with Free Storage.. But only provides Free Storage Upto 7400+ Mb.. Later You will be charged some $$$ to extend the Free Space!

Having Said That, Buzz’s Hyper-activity could Soon Ruin your Free Space on Gmail. If You want to Check How Much Free Storage is available for you on Buzz, Just Navigate down in your Gmail’s HomePage to see The Available Free Space and Spent Space…

I found that 2% of Free Space was Consumed from past one month and I suspect it is all due to Google Buzz effect! Soon You and Me will be Notified by Google to Upgrade the Space Paying some $$$ for space! How is That? Would You Go for it?

The More You follow in Google Buzz, The More Updates you get from Them, The More Space it Consumes… Also, Do Mind Seeing your ‘Sent Items’… If You use Google Buzz extensively and Comment on your Friends Statuses … All those will be Present in Your Gmail’s ‘Sent Items’ … Which Clearly Shows How Much Memory are you wasting Just because of this new Service Buzz!

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