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FormSpring Easiest way to lose Twitter Followers


Formspring.me a free service for Social network users, allowing anyone to ask you a question. When you receive a question or ask one it will automatically post it to your Facebook wall, or Twitter profile. As formspring is slowly becoming known in the twitter world. Its slowly becoming annoying to some.

At the moment i am personally following 2 people on twitter that use the service “FormSpring”. Well to me its annoying as hell. Many users on twitter have been complaining about how the automatic update service is being used.

So earlier today i test out the service and answered “43 questions”. Well on my twitter account i noticed i lost a total of 32 Followers in less than 10minutes. Ouch!

Most users on twitter like the service as it doesn’t have update things like ” Shaq just leveled up to lvl 92 on Farmville, Join him” on your profile. But their is a vast growing rate of services that are now posting live updates on your twitter profile.

I lost 32 followers in less than 10 minutes after answer various random questions. And I have personally unfollowed a couple of people due to live updates.

This has me wondering “how will this effect twitter users?”

Will twitters well known reputation go bad due to live updating with applcations? Or will it just be hard to follow people that don’t use these new services? Let us know what you think in the comments below \/ .