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Now the power of firefox on mobile


Yup! The title says all! After Opera the world’s favorite browser Firefox has gone mobile. But don’t get too exited. Mozilla released the browser version 1.0 for just Nokia N900 and N810. 🙁

Yeah many Firefox fans have been left heartbroken. But still firefox mobile has great new features.

Some of them are below:

  1. Easy bookmarking: Firefox lets you to bookmark your websites with just one touch. Isn’t that awesome.
  2. Integrated Download Manager: Download the files etc in the browser itself. No longer need to switch to default browser for downloading.
  3. Spell Checking: Great! Now Firefox checks the words as you type. This feature is only in Firefox i guess.
  4. Less resource eater: Firefox runs with less memory footprints and better performance. 🙂
  5. Fox Tabs: This feature is new. Just swipe your finger to the right to see thumbnails of all your open tabs to find what you want quickly.
  6. Search: Access your favorite search engine from your browser’s toolbar. Easy huh.
  7. Improved text rendering: Read your language as it’s written—more like real life. With a new graphics engine, Arabic, Persian, Punjabi and other script languages now render seamlessly.
  8. Downloadable fonts: Available for Maemo devices, view a wider variety of fonts on Web sites while you surf. Site designers and developers can create custom fonts that will be displayed and rendered properly.
  9. Offline Browsing: Even if your mobile phone doesn’t have a Web connection, you can still have information at your fingertips. Certain enabled sites may allow applications—like your Web-based email—to stay with you at all times.
  10. Next generation graphics: You have to see it to believe it. The rendering of text and graphics, including SVG and Canvas, is faster and sharper than ever before, thanks the upgraded graphics engine. Firefox automatically color corrects images that have the color profile data included (like your digital photos) to make sure the colors are exactly as intended.
  11. Web ID: Want to be extra sure about a site’s legitimacy before you make a purchase? Touch on a site favicon for an instant identity overview. Another touch digs deeper: how many times have you visited? Are your passwords saved? Check up on suspicious sites, avoid Web forgeries and make sure a site is what it claims to be.
  12. Password Manager: No longer need to enter passwords again and again. Now firefox does all that for you.
  13. Clear History: No longer to worry about your Web Page history. Clear them easily.
  14. Customized Security Settings: Control the level of scrutiny you’d like Firefox to give a site and enter exceptions—sites that don’t need the third degree. Customize settings for passwords, cookies, loading images and installing add-ons for a fully empowered mobile browsing experience.
  15. Automatic Updates: Prevent you from the bugs discovered and doesn’t keep your privacy at risk.
  16. Pop-up blocker: I bet nobody saw that coming in a mobile browser. Woot. Is it for real????
  17. Great Addons: Now personalize your browser with several addons.

Now that’s a ton of features available first time for mobile users.

Also to synchronize the PC bookmarks to mobile Weave Sync can be used.

Download the Firefox mobile browser from Here.


10 Best Firefox Plugins you Must try


I am using firefox from a long time and the best thing I like about is the plugins available for customization.

I wanted to share some of my best plugins which are helpful. Lets check them out.

All the items are not rank wise. They are just randomly placed.

  1. FastestFox: Faster fox is a very helpful plugin for speeding up browsing. It save time by speeding up repetitive tasks, auto-loading of next page, improved searching, and more.
  2. Fission: Fission is a great addon which adds safari style loading page load progress bar in firefox. 
  3. Multirow Bookmark Toolbar: This plugin was ok a great help to me as I have many bookmarks placed in my toolbar. It just solved the purpose.
  4. Read It Later: Read it later allows you to read the page later on without bookmarking it. It saves cluttering of bookmarks if you don’t want to bookmark the page.
  5. Weave Sync: Weave syncronise lets you to Synchronize your bookmarks, history, tabs and passwords wherever you go. Whether you use Firefox on your phone, laptop, or desktop, securely access all your data.
  6. W.O.T.(Web Of Trust): Web Of trust shows you the rating of websites you visit. It also adds the results in search engine. Great tool to tell you to avoid buggy sites.
  7. AD Block Plus: Ad block plus helps to block unwanted popups and also removes ads from websites. Works great.
  8. Personas: This addon lets you to customize the way the firefox looks and allows you to insert themes in it.
  9. Download statusbar: Download status bar allows you to remove that annoying pop-up window and organize them in the tidy statusbar.
  10. Tab Renamizer: Have you noticed that everybody looks the titles of your open tabs? It has a name: Paranoia! And a solution too: TabRenamizer! It is the best tool for renaming the tab.

That were some of the addons. We will carry others in the next part.


Google Chrome leaping ahead of Safari


Latest news which would upset Apple and would actually bother Microsoft too. The news is that Google chrome which launched nearly a year ago is on a hit. It actually got ahead of Apple Safari which was in the race from a long time.

Our old Microsoft Internet Explorer is still on 1st. Thanks to the windows users who are using the default shipped browser.

The Mozilla Firefox is 2nd which is favorite of millions of people. The most secure and the fastest browser in the world. I guess the 80% of the guys reading this article will be using the same browser.

Here comes the new competitor in this race. All new Google Chrome. There is going to be a new revolution here. As it has been a big achievement in short time.

What has changed:

1. Microsoft Internet Explorer: This will make clear why Microsoft. Share in November 2009 was 63.62% and now loosing few points it goes to 62.69% in January 2009 Oops 2010, Well what astonished me most was that January hasn’t even begin. A straight 1% drop in 1 month is too much. My advice to Microsoft , even if you are ahead at least try to do something new. Just Look at this graph:

2. Firefox: Well some point drop for Mozilla Firefox too. Share in November 2009 was 24.72% and in January 2010 is 24.61%. I think Mozilla can deal with it. The new Mozilla release can fix it .

3. Google Chrome: Do I even need to write here. Got in 3rd place after few months of release. That’s a big achievement. So lets pray that it gains more popularity (I know Google will do that like the way it is advertising it.)

The Browser Graph located at : http://goo.gl/caSo

Market Share can be found here: http://goo.gl/wMuJ

<img src=”http://www.chaaps.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/stats2.png” alt=”” title=”Graph 2″ width=”120″ height=”105″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-2106″ />


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