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Sharing, Backing Up, And Transferring Files!


I don’t know about you but one of the most things i worry about is losing all my documents, photos and music on my computer. Well a couple of days ago i recieved an invitation from a friend to join a website called “Drop Box” I have always been kind to him so I guss you have to be open to receive in life.

Drop Box is both a website and a program. And yes before you ask it is virus and malware free, and Drop Box does have a free package (and its ad free). And amazing the program works on Windows, Mac OS, and yes shock horror “LINUX”

Drop Box For Desktop / iPhone / iTouch

Drop Box was created for users to easily sync your files from all your Computer’s and even iPhone’s or iTouch’s. To me this is an awesome feature. I own 2 laptops, a PC, and iTouch i use on the go. What drop boxs does to sync your computer files is you install a program on your computer. Once you’ve installed it you can install the app for your phone or ipod, and install the same application on your other computer’s

Than simply save (or drag and drop) your files into a folder which Drop Box creates on your computer and than after you put your files in the Drop Box folder it syncs the file to Drop Box online, and than your computer or iPhone is alerted and automatically downloads the file. But you will need a Drop Box account.

Drop Box Online

As i said above the Drop Box made folder uploads your file or files to there server. Well in a free account you get 2GB’s of online storage to back up any file you want. You are also able to access the files on any computer without the drop box program, so no more carrying your USB around!

But you can only manage the files on your PC in the folder, you can’t delete files online!


Now honestly 2GB of online storage to replace a USB is not much. I’m a full time student and i have 2 USBS a 2GB and a 4GB and that isn’t much. I thought i should be nice and let you know a little tip. After you sign up you get a “To Do List”. As you complete this list you can get up to 2GB’s more space free. You can also refer people to the site using a URL Drop Box provides and if your friends sign up you get 250MB per friend, but they have a limit of a max of 8GB total free extra space.

This service is awesome and i haven’t had any trouble. And even a 2yr old could use the program and site. But it is in Beta testing and i have to warn you that there may be a few bugs. But i am sure a site this great will be bug free in no time.

To check out Drop Box click here or go to http://dropbox.com

And a video below easily explains how it works.