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Firefox Cup Add-on [Personas] to Cheer your Favorite Football Team


Hey You all Football Fans, Celebrate the World Sports Biggest Event “FIFA World Cup 2010” with your Favorite Teams Personas on your Favorite Web Browser Mozilla Firefox!!

Mozilla Firefox is Now “ROCK”ing with a New add-on called “Firefox Cup” which allows you to make your Favorite team as a persona in Firefox…

You Can Choose between 32 different Personas for 32 different football teams playing in this FIFA 2010 World Cup!! You Can Test the theme by hovering on options before you apply… Here is a Sample

Personas show your passion as your team plays for glory.

Link for FireFox Add-on “Firefox Cup”


Google greets Users with FIFA World Cup Doodle and Schedule


Google is Known for updating its Logo for Prominent Events. Not Surprisingly, This time Google has Updated its logo with a Football Theme on account of FIFA World Cup 2010. This is how the Google Doodle Looks.

One more surprise! On Clicking the Football doodle it queries for FIFA World Cup and you will be able to see the Current and Upcoming Football Matches which are scheduled. Also Provides the List of Groups from Group A to Group H ( with Respective Country Flag ).

No Need to Search the Web Pages for your Favorite Football matches, Google delivers to you before you think of Searching. All you Need to do is search for Keyword “FIFA World Cup“!