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Beware of the Country Of Spoofs and Fakes(CHINA)

This Article is a Personal Opinion Expressed by Nivedith G from Bangalore,India.. (Guest author at Chaaps.com). Chaaps Claims no Responsibility for the Opinions Expressed below

I had been to China(Shanghai and Beijing) in July 2010. As we all know, China is popular for fake markets and goods, I was ready for it as it was all at peanut cost. I had brought a 64 GB kingston pen drive and with a lot of bargaining to 8$ USD. I double checked if the pen drive is working and free space was 63.5 GB and asked the guy to transfer files and check if it worked fine.

But the Nightmare was when i tried transferring movies to the Pen drive, it says “pen drive corrupted” .Upon checking it , I realized, the guys had flashed it and copied it to perfection so that you wont even recognize by seeing drive size.the drive was flashed which originally is 256 MB drive.

Most of the gadgets in China is assembled and though cheap, but not worth it.

In forums, I found this things happen in India also, especially in Palika bazaar in Delhi and National market in Bangalore.

So People, Always stay away from Fake Chinese Products.. Go For ORIGINAL! If You have any such Experiences you can share with us!