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Facebook introduces three awesome features

Today, when I was going through Facebook’s official blog I came across three important, much needed updates coming to Facebook. Here is a brief description of each of them:

Facebook introducing three brand new features

1. Facebook Groups with a overhauled, Brand new look

According to Facebook,

It’s a simple way to stay up to date with small groups of your friends and to share things with only them in a private space. The default setting is Closed, which means only members see what’s going on in a group.
From this space, you can quickly post photos, make plans and keep up with ongoing conversations. You can also group chat with members who are online right now. You can even use each group as an email list to quickly share things when you’re not on Facebook. The net effect is your whole experience is organized around spaces of the people you care most about.

2. Download your personal Information

You can download all your personal information ie., your messages, wall posts, photos, status updates and profile info in just a few clicks and use it elsewhere. You can also access the copy of the information downloaded – To protect your privacy you need to enter your password and security questions before accessing a copy of the downloaded information.

3. New dashboard for applications you use

According to the Facebook Blog,

A new dashboard is being launched to give you visibility into how applications use your data to personalize your experience. As you start having more social and personalized experiences across the web, it’s important that you can verify exactly how other sites are using your information to make your experience better.
As this rolls out, in your Facebook privacy settings, you will have a single view of all the applications you’ve authorized and what data they use. You can also see in detail when they last accessed your data. You can change the settings for an application to make less information available to it, or you can even remove it completely.

You can view this video for more information:

Facebook was criticized much for it’s privacy tweaks and all the above updates seem to be an alleged reply to all the critics. I am much impressed by these new features, How ’bout you?