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friendthem app for iPhone

Friendthem: An iPhone app to friend someone in real time!

The many times you go outside, you always see new faces around you. Some known and mostly unknown. Facebook has become the newest medium of interacting with someone when not face to face. It is the quickest and the most reliable form of effective communication.

Guess what has changed now? Friending, yes now when you realise you have made a connection to someone, no need to look back and see that person walk out of your life, you can use the new Friendthem app and quickly friend him right then and there. No unwanted hassle of asking his/her full name and sitting down and spending time searching that person on Facebook. The new Friendthem iPhone app allows you send a Facebook friend request in real time or also to schedule that request to be sent at a later time.


The good news is you will have full control over your privacy. You can change how you want others to see you. Hiding sensitive information has just become easy. Also you can become invisible anywhere. According to MASHABLE, Friendthem lets users create geo-faces so that you can become offline in certain places such as a bar or at a conference. If in case you forget a face, another cool ‘Friendthem Later’ feature tells you exactly how and where you met that particular person in your life. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Another neat feature of this app is that along with sending friend requests it can also tell you how many mutual friends you both share! What do you think?

Working with it is simple. Just log into the app using Facebook and start using it. The application is currently available for iPhone only. In the near future, apps for Android and Windows platforms will also be released. Friendthem app founder Richard Passer tells us that he will further develop apps for Twitter and Foursquare too. Two small caveats of this app is that it works only within a 1500 foot radius and allows you to send upto a maximum 10 friendthem requests per day. So what are you waiting for, make your life simpler, download this free app from the iTunes Store now! Watch this nice video to experience first hand.

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3 Ways To Sync Your Facebook Profile With Your Twitter Account


Facebook for friends and Twitter for marketing. That’s the mantra for every Blogger out here. But we feel some stuff must be shared with both friends and networking partners. At such times we need an app to synchronize our twitter account with our Facebook Profile or Page. Here are a few resources to update your Facebook status as you tweet:

Facebook and Twitter

1. Twitter – the official application

You have sign in to your twitter account and opt to send your tweets to your Facebook profile. What most i hate in this application is that all tweets appear in my Facebook profile which makes me look like a Spam bot.

Twitter official application for Facebook
Twitter official application for Facebook

Link: Twitter [Official application]

2. Smart Twitter

I like this one better than the official Twitter application. Where Smart Twitter distinguishes itself from the official app is that it pings Facebook only if the tweet doesn’t have ‘@’ replies, ‘@’ mentions, hashtags and retweets. You can also modify the filters by pointing your browser to Smart Twitter Settings.

Smart Twitter for facebook
Smart Twitter - filter your Twitter

Link: Smart Twitter

3. Selective Tweets

I’m a big time fan of Selective tweets and I am a faithful user of it. The mechanism behind this app is that once you install this application, whenever you tweet contains “#fb” it is imported to your Facebook Profile.

Selective Twitter for Facebook
Selective tweets Facebook Application

Link: Selective tweets

How do you update your Facebook status on the go? If you get to know a better alternative for the ones listed above, Do share with us.