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Disabling Facebook’s Auto Photo Enhance Feature

by Athul SDecember 26, 2014

Disabling Facebook’s Auto Photo Enhance Feature Now, c. Essentially it uses the same picture improvement filters that were already in the app, but now they’re automatically applied for you, based on what Facebook thinks makes a decent photograph. The auto photo enhance feature is enabled by default and if you trust in your own photography […]

A Complete Get Started Guide To: Facebook Timeline For Pages

by AnonymousMarch 10, 2012
Facebook Timeline for Pages out now!

Here’s a complete get started guide to facebook timeline for pages as well as a quick tutorial on how to activate facebook timeline in 5 seconds. Everybody was overjoyed when Facebook Timeline made its debut late in 2011. And now its here again extending its support for Facebook Pages. Its unique, its creative, its a […]

Facebook Timeline now officially released! Enable it within seconds.

by AnonymousDecember 19, 2011
Facebook Timeline now available to the public

Back a while ago Facebook had announced its new Timeline feature to everyone. But only a few people or should i say geeks actually enabled it by following a series of steps as recommended by the good ‘ol Zuckerberg. Well now you won’t have to go through all those tedious steps, because guess what the […]

How To: Embed a Facebook Subscribe button on your Website

by AnonymousDecember 16, 2011
facebook subscribe button tutorial

As you all know Facebook recently had launched a Subscribe feature with which you could Subscribe to a person’s public or m buy clomid without prescription ost important updates on Facebook without the need to be his/her friend. Just a few days ago, the social network decided to release its Subscribe button for blogs and […]

Facebook joins hands with eBay to drive future e-Commerce

by AnonymousNovember 7, 2011
facebook earns revenue with the new xcommerce system

The world’s top social networking platform Facebook and online vendor cheap viagra canada eBay have joined hands together for what is called a new social shopping experience. For the project, eBay will integrate Facebook Open Graph 2.0 functionality into its international e-commerce systems. X.commerce, a new business platform under eBay is to materialize the new […]

Take advantage of Facebook's new timeline to know who unfriended you

by AnonymousSeptember 25, 2011
How to know who unfriended you on Facebook

With the release of the new Facebook timeline feature you must be pretty excited to use Facebook. But there are many other improvements yet to launch on the most popular social network. One of the most needed feature we all were looking for is how to get notified when someone unfriends you. Although not available […]

Facebook timeline, you sexy!

by MurugappanSeptember 23, 2011
Facebook timeline : a walkthrough

Sexy is the word. Oh, wait, sexy is viagra online canadian pharmacy an understatement. Man, what awesomeness I tell you. While the rest of the sites were trying to beat facebook, Facebook gave not a damn to stop them come up but they came up with something unique, something wonderful. And what’s that? Yes, the […]

Facebook adds Subscribe button. Subscribe to anyone and get updates!

by AnonymousSeptember 17, 2011
Facebook Subscribe button

Facebook recently introduced a new Subscribe button on their social network. Just a week ago Facebook had introduced new privacy features and now it is in full swing in making new additions to their interface. This Subscribe button that Facebook has launched recently behaves very similar to Twitter’s Follow button. At least that’s what folks at CNET have […]

Facebook 3 New Changes 2011: Better Privacy, Unwanted tagging, Past Post Visibility

by AnonymousSeptember 4, 2011
Facebook new features 2011

Facebook has recently rolled out new changes to its interface in 2011. These 3 new changes consists of Better Privacy control when sharing posts, Remove unwanted tags of you, Change the visibility of your post after it has been published. These changes hit to me just today, perhaps Facebook is going alphabetically in releasing its […]