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Google Extensions and Chrome for Mac and Linux.


A couple of days ago (9/12/09) Google finally released Google Chrome Extensions. Yes they did if you didn’t already know. And it was launched with love, as google stated its a earlier christimas present to all of us.
google chrome beta release

The reason I have posted this a couple days late is because I am not one of the many users of Google chrome. As you may remember Google Chrome was released in September of 2008. And since then chrome is one of the most known web browsers.

Since Chrome was released out of beta, Google was receiving a hard quantity of emails requesting to have add-ons, or today known as extensions.

Well Google took all that feedback and has finally released Google Chrome Extensions (Go to GCE). Along with the launch they added 300 extensions to the gallery. Though it doesn’t sound really large quantity of extensions there were a few they caught my eye.

Google has made sure they added from the basic needs, to advanced needs. That’s right starting all way from RSS readers, to a application speed checker for webmasters. The gallery is full of useful, and not so useful extensions. Though I am not complaining cause they are all free!

Okay, I am not forgetting about Developers. Google has also made a developers center, which includes guides, and how Google extensions work so you can create your own.

Also if you are a Mac OS user, guess what? You can now get chrome now as well. Google Chrome for Mac (beta) is now available to download. But sadly you don’t have to ability to use Google extensions.

Linux OS users are also able to use Google for Linux (beta) as well. And not like Mac OS users, you can also enjoy the grace  of extensions.

Lately it seems that Google doesn’t seem to stop giving. Google is continuously growing, and giving a lot lately. Thanks Google for the presents

I have placed the links for all of the resources i have talked about in this article, below.



How to Add/Enable Extensions in Google Chrome: A Step by Step Guide


The Much Awaited Google Chrome Extensions are released for Developer Channels…Till Now, Extensions and Add-Ons were Provided by very Few Browsers like Mozilla Firefox. Firefox Browser gained its Popularity only because of Extensions and Add-ons.

Google Chrome Browser Can be Now Extended using the extensions. It requires a quite a lot time to make your current version of Google Chrome to Support the Extensions. So Here is a Complete Guide How to Enable and Use Extensions in your existing Google Chrome browser.

[I recommend you to read every step in Tutorial, though step 1 to Step 6 has lesser significance. If You are Impatient Move on to Step-8]

Step 1:
Use The Directory of Google Chrome Extensions present at Chromeextensions.org
Google Chrome Extensions

Step 2:

You will be Quite Amazed to See Plenty of Extensions Available for your Google Chrome Browser. and you cannot wait longer…

Google Chrome Extensions Directory

Step 3:

You will be Selecting anyone among the List of Chrome Extensions. Soon, you will be clicking on Add to Chrome Button next to your Favorite Extension

3 Prompting to Save Extension

You will be Prompted Whether to Save or Discard this Extension as soon as you click on it.You must be Happiest Person Ever, as You will be Witnessing the First Ever Google Chrome Extension! So Generally You will Click on Save Button and the Wait is ON!

Step 4:

Error Message!
Your love to See The New Google Chrome Extension Shatters with this Dialogue box .
Invalid Value for permissions[0]

Here is How the Extension Install Error looks
4 Extension Install Error

Step 5:
After Series of Trial and Error, You might be wondering whether your are in older version of Google Chrome and You Might Check The Version of your browser in About Section of Google Chrome!

Here is how it looks
5 Version of Google Chrome

About Google Chrome Says Google Chrome is up to date (
More Questions on Your Mind Why is that Extensions is not getting Installed in latest version of Google Chrome????

Step 6:

You Decide to Go One Step Further, You Try to Google Whatever happened and you are keen how to enable the extensions on Google Chrome. Your Query which you Google will be How to enable extensions in Google Chrome

6 How to Enable Google Extensions

Step 7:
After Getting Quite a lot of Search Results you would have landed into some Forums with discussions where they teach how to Change your Google Chrome Path or edit the registry key using regedit. Example

“C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”

Simply add “–enable-extensions” without the quotes to the end and close out regedit.

Now it should read:
“C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –enable-extensions

I recommend you NOT to Change any paths or edit registry.
(That’s why I have Striked it Out)
Why do you take extra Strain doing Machine level Path Changes when You Have a dedicated Channel for That which Automatically Updates to the Google Chrome Browser with Both Extensions and BookMark Sync Support Just in One Click!!!

[Please Note: Never Download or Upgrade to Beta Version Present at
http://www.google.com/landing/chrome/beta/ ,This Beta Version doesn’t support Extensions, Supports Only BookMark Sync]

Step 8:
You are in the mid way of Tutorial. To Enable the extensions, it is not Possible to do That in Stable Version. and we need Developer Channel Access. Google Chrome comes with Three different Early Access Channel

Stable channel: Everyone is on the Stable channel when they first install Google Chrome.

Beta channel: People who like to use and help refine the latest features subscribe to the Beta channel [Remember this is not beta Version, its Beta Channel]

Dev channel: This developer preview channel is where ideas get tested (and sometimes fail).

We are NOW realizing That How Stupidly we Tried to Install the Google Chrome Extensions using Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, Step 5 as above in a STABLE version!

We Have got The Logic of this Google Chrome Browser, Without Wasting any time Let’s Install The extensions quickly by gaining Extra access to developer Channel..

Step 8:
Just Go To This Working URL http://www.google.com/chrome/eula.html?extra=devchannel to Download and gain Extra Developer access for your Google Chrome Browser to enable extensions.


Step 9:

Accept The Conditions Prompted and Download starts Automatically, it will Just Upgrade on Existing System, So No Need to Back-up your BookMarks or History… It is Automatically Done! You Just Sit Back and See what happens Next!
2 new beta channel

Step 10:
Probably This will be Your Happiest Step in this Entire Tutorial! Because You will be able to See Exciting Changes in Your Browser Since The Upgrade is Complete to Latest exra acess to Developer Channel!

The First and Formost Thing which You will Observe and Must See is..
A Yellow Highlighted Text at the Footer of Google Chrome Browser Saying Google Chrome has extensions and bookmark sync.

3.0 notification at footer

Also See The Extra Options Extensions and Bookmark Sync in Menu bar of Settings Area at Top

3 extensions in menu bar

Step 11:
Now We Have Successfully Enabled the Support for Google Chrome Extension by migrating to Developer Channel. Let’s Try How to Install an Extension in Google Chrome and How it works..

We are aware of the Extension Directory for Google Chrome at Chromeextensions.org Just Click on it to View the Entire list of Google Chrome Extensions available!

5 chrome extension address

Step 12:
Choose Anyone among The List. Here I have Selected Metrist- A Twitter Client as an Extension which Prompts you to save the extension.

Metrist Twitter

6 save extension

Save This Extension by clicking on Continue.

Step 13:

Here You could see a Dialogue Box asking for you to Confirm the Installation of Extension.
7 installation note

Click on Install. And You are Done! Now you are able to See Extension Icon at Top next to address bar as shown below

9 extension icon

After Filling Settings Sections for the Installed Extension [for Metrist Twitter Client, Twitter username and password is required]

You are All Set to View Your First Extension on Google Chrome.
8 Metrics twitter client

Step 14:

Manage Your Installed Extensions by Visiting chrome://extensions in your browser or Click on Extensions to View and Manage Extensions
10 Manage Extensions

Well, The Tutorial Ends Here! However I Understand that You are in edge to to try out New New Extensions for Google Chrome. For Your References Here are some Extensions which you can download directly.


Gmail Compose


Google Tasks for Chrome



About Google Chrome Extensions:
Extensions are Very Light Weight and easy to Use, These extensions never affect on Speed of your Browser. Extensions from Google Chrome are Soon Going to be a Mega Hit!

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