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Artificial Intelligence: Image Labeling using ESP game

What is Artificial Intelligence?
(Let Me Explain Whatever I Know in Layman Words)
Have You Ever Played a Game Called ESP game in the site called gwap.com?
If You Have Not, It is worth a try…

Well, we all Are Familiar with Popular Google Image Search..
How do You Think You Get Images listed which are queried for?
How does The Google Know what image to display for your queried keyword?

One Answer for This:
When Google Crawls Millions and Billions of Pages each day, It Notes down the labels marked (alt tag) for the each image during image indexing… whenever you query Google Image Search Engine with that label name, It is Going to List That particular Image…

Yeah This answer is Quite Agreeable! The Above Reasoning is Okay for some Extent! When You Think Deeply Through this topic Various Questions may arise in you….

1. What would be the result, if image is wrongly labeled??? say label a dog image with the keyword “cat”! How Relevant Can Be This!
Whenevr you query for “cat” it displays you dog images! Ridiculous!

2. Is labeling Compulsory?? What If I don’t label Images?. What happens if people label a lame or Crap image but don’t care to label images which are the best of best images? Obviously The search Engine is Going To List The Labeled images, and displays the image whenever suitable query is done! How can A Image Search Engine Understand The quality of Image Posted? How can a Search Engine Know Whether the images are labeled relevantly to the keyword? What happened to Those Beautiful Images which are not labeled?

3. So What Must Be Our Expectations Here for a good Image Search Result? It would have been nice if Google Image Search Engine had got eyes and brain to see and detect and label the images which are relevant and discard the rest.. thus improving the web…

isn’t this practical? How Can One Build a Search Engine with Eyes??
How can We make a search Engine to Recognize Images?? The Straight fact here is , IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!

with the above analysis we could clearly land up with following..
1. Only Human Can Identify Images.
2. How can we make use of that Fact and build a good image search engine..
3. We Came To Conclusion that Images can be identified only by Human and Human has an ability to label the image what he has sensed.

Okay, Now We have a billions of Images on web, and each image has to be identified by a human and has to labeled effectively,
Taking care of all these factors gwap.com has a game called ESP game which is based on Artificial Intelligence Factor!

ESP game by Gwap
ESP game by Gwap

There are Certain set of rules in This game:
1. The Game Involves 2 Players- You and Your Partner
2. You and Your Partner has The Common Objective to Make High Score co-operating each other.
3. A Single Game Session will last for 2 to 3 Minutes.

Game Rules
Game Rules

Theme of The Game:
1. When Logged in with ESP game A suitable Partner(different end user) is matched with You. The Game Starts when both are ready.
2. You and Your Partner will be shown a common image at the same instance of time and are asked to Guess that Image.
3. You and Your Partner Can Make as many attempts you want to Guess..
4. If Your Guess and Partner’s Guess are matched, You Get Some Points and One More Image will be shown to Guess.
5. Game Continues like this! Quicker You Predict, More Points You Get, and can Go To Next Level!

Players Guessing The words, except toboo words
Players Guessing The words, except toboo words

A Note on Taboo words:
What Are Taboo Words??
Say, if an Image is shown to players, they end up with some matched keyword… say in the above image both partners may agree upon the word “Brick”.

The labeled word “Brick” after many occurrences predicted by different players is critical here, one can easily assume that the given image is related to “Brick” or something after so many guesses by different users.

Brick is now “Taboo word”!

What is the use of Taboo word?

The Game is so creative that it can even restrict the players from guessing the same word “Brick”. So The gain is, getting most out of the end user, the game is testing the user how good can a term define an image and discovering the finest of fine title for the image by the user!

Essence of ESP Game, How it benefited us?:

1. ESP game made use of Human Skill to identify images.
2. Appropriate and Most Accurate Titles relevant to the image is obtained.
3. Further Filtering of Title is done using the “Taboo words” concept, there by which eliminates most common guesses like “man” “boy” “sky” etc!
4. Labelling will be accurate!
5. Win-Win Situation! The Game is enjoyed by players to get high points at the same time the work of labeling images is done!

You Can Play The ESP game Here

Finally, We gave Justice to our Policy “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”!
Human’s ability to detect and sense the images are used as a resource and used for labeling images!
Now Image Search Engines, till now didn’t have eyes to watch images shall implement this concept directly in sort of some game or hiring the ESP game for easy and accurate Human labeling of Images !!

So Next Time When We Search for “Dog” we are assured that we get Image of Dog and not the Cat!

The Explanation of Artificial Intelligence( layman words) Ends Here!