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Epic Browser Games and Applications


At Chaaps, We Had Explained all Features and Complete Insight on India’s First Ever Web Browser- EPIC.

Seems Like The Games are Not made Available in EPIC Browser yet.. As we clicked on Games Icon present in sidebar, We Got a Small notification and we Couldn’t Really Play any games..

However, We Navigated to Help Options and found one of the FAQ’s listed..

How to Play Games in Web Browser?

We Couldn’t Find any other Start options to play games in Epic browser..

However, You can still Play games in Epic Browser by Adding Applications and Selecting Games as Category and adding it to your Side Bar.
Note: All these are Widget Based Games..

Follow These Steps to Play Widget Games in Epic Browser with just a click of a button

1. Select Epic Apps in Sidebar and you could see list of available apps.

2. Select between different types of games available Action Games, Sport Games, Fun Games, Puzzle Games, Skill Games and Many..

3. Add Any of the Applications which you like by clicking on “Add to Epic”

4. Start Playing Epic Games

If you don’t have Epic Browser.. Download Epic Browser from Here

Are Web Browsers meant to play games? What’s your Opinion on EPIC having so many Extras like widgets, apps, games and many? Best fit for Indians?

Epic: Indian by birth

Download Epic Browser | Indian Browser Powered by Mozilla | Features


Epic: Indian by birthThe so-called Indian browser Epic has just turned two days old. It runs on the well-known Mozilla platform. It reminds us of Flock, often called the browser for social media addicts. But Epic stands ahead of Flock in various ways. Here are the Pros and Cons of the new browser Epic:

Epic browser window
Epic browser window


  • Customizable: 1000+ skins and also you can choose from over personas
  • Watch NDTV 24X7, NDTV इंडिया and NDTV profit online without any streaming problems
  • Indic typing with the integration of Google transliterate
  • Anti-Virus protection for both your computer and downloads optional
  • Write: Create a word document and save it as a HTML file
  • Snippets: Useful for taking screenshots of webpages – either select certain image or a paragraph and drag-and-drop it to the snippet sidebar or take a complete screenshot of a webpage
  • Cricket news and live scores – Everybody knows India loves cricket and the Epic Browser is no exception
  • Regional News, Events and financial events
  • Daily masti – Jokes, quotes and gyaan of the day
  • Epic video – Watch videos from youtube right on the sidebar
  • My computer – Browse your computer directly from the browser; You can open upto 5 tabs in the Computer sidebar
  • Social networks, E-mail accounts and Twitter in sidebar
  • To-dos: A great alternative to rememberthemilk.com with alerts in
  • Timer: Need not run to your cupboard to pick your stopwatch up with the timer feature in Epic browser
  • Get directions with epic maps – Google maps integration
  • Search for jobs – with indeed.co.in integration
  • Book tickets with yatra and cleartrip integration
  • Games: Time for some entertainment
  • Backup files by logging in to your gmail account and now, initially, each file size is limited to 10 MB mark. It is expected to increase soon
  • Collections: Save similar websites to one collection by clicking the collection icon next to the tabs. To load them, open the collections sidebar and click on the collection’s title
  • Bookmarks: Just the same as in Firefox browser, Self-explanatory;
  • History: Epic is very careful about your privacy, it has a private browsing icon and a clear browsing data icon in the address bar
  • 10,000+ Firefox addons compatible
  • Epic apps: 1500 sidebar applications, but we recommend you to keep the number of applications minimum so that the blazing speed of Epic will be maintained
  • 10,000+ Firefox addons compatible


  • Showing of the sidebar even in pop-up windows is quite disgusting – I click the re-tweet button in a post and even then, the sidebar shows off in the pop-up also.
  • Because it is a fully loaded browser, it takes more time to boot as compared to chrome, Firefox and safari. More the number of sidebar apps and add-ons more is the time taken to start the browser.
  • No Home button in the address bar

Link: Try out Epic browser

It is very clear that the pros over-weigh the cons and it is browser which must be tried by any internet user, especially an Indian internet user. In the epic browser’s website they have stated that PC World has awarded them 4.5 out of 5 stars. According to the chaaps team, they deserve it. Do let us know your views about the all new epic browser.