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Facebook introduces Gen ’10 Messaging

Facebook E-mails is no more a rumor and earlier today Facebook announced of this new feature in the San Francisco press conference.

We already had messages in Facebook, What’s new?

Ans: Even though if there are 500 million people in Facebook, E-mail services combined has a relatively more strength. This concept of E-mailing allows people to send/receive messages from people who are not even on Facebook. Also

What’s new with Facebook E-mails?

The all new Facebook Messaging

You can watch this video from the facebook team for better understanding of this new messaging system:

How do I get my Facebook E-mail address?

Go to this link and Click on “request invite” and you’re done with your objective if and when the text in the button changes to “you will receive an invitation”. [Credit: Netchunks]

Have any questions? Head to the FAQ of new messages in facebook.

Do let me know your thought about Facebook’s new E-mail system by dropping by your comments.

What is Fb.com all about? [Rumor]

And yes, the breaking news all o’er the web is that Facebook acquired the domain fb.com, earlier today. But what was puzzling me is not why Facebook took this domain, but I wonder what is fb.com going to be used for?

Facebook's newly bought domain fb.com
Facebook's newly bought domain fb.com

What I’ve Spotted

I made a status update which you can find at http://www.facebook.com/murugappan.meiyappan/posts/168365589853827

When I replace ‘facebook.com’ with ‘fb.com’, again it redirects to the same status update. [See: http://www.fb.com/murugappan.meiyappan/posts/168365589853827]

I suppose, let me say I wish fb.com can be used as a URL shortener to point permalinks just like each article is given it’s unique URL in StumbleUpon’s su.pr.

What they say

Mashable said this may be intended for E-mail address for facebook employees similar to Yahoo! using yahoo-inc.com for their employees. Some say it is only for internal use, some say it will be made public in few weeks. Some say it is a good move, some say this move wasn’t as necessary.

Well, this rumor’s hitting nine walls and Facebook freaks have started to go psychic at it. We are looking forward to hear from facebook about this. Also, we’d love to hear from you on this news through your comments. 🙂

How to update your Facebook status via E-mail?

Are you one of the person who uses Facebook on the move in your smartphone? Or is Facebook blocked in your workplace?
If you fall into those sinned conditions, here is a solution to you:

Unique E-mail address
Your Unique E-mail address
  • Every facebook user will be given an unique E-mail address, note down yours.
  • Send an Email to the E-mail address you have noted down and your Facebook status will be updated in just seconds.

Note: The subject line of your E-mail will be your Status. The matter doesn’t matter!
Have a look at the below screenshots for better understanding:

Have a sharp look at the subject line and the matter inside
Look at the subject line and the matter inside closely
Subject line in Email is the Status on Facebook
Subject line in Email is the Status on Facebook

I hope you found this article an useful one, I’d love to hear either your compliments or your critics – Drop your comments and share your thoughts!

Soon 7400 Mb of your GMail Free Space will be Consumed by Buzz


Gmail, Email from Google!
Gmail is the Leader of all Email Services on Web. Gmail has Integration of GTalk, POP3, IMAP and Provides a Free Space of 7400+ Mb.

Gmail Recently launched Buzz, which is a Twitter/Facebook like Sharing service.. where you share your Status Updates and your Follows can like and Comment your Updates…You are also allowed to Integrate your Picasa Albums, Twitter and many other accounts and feeds with Google Buzz… Buzz provided you a feature to follow anyone on Buzz … and you could see their live news feed on your Buzz Section….

Buzz’s Activity is Drastically Increasing day by day… with increased number of people whom you follow.. you are obviously stuffed with their updates straight to your Gmail’s Buzz Section…

If You have Forgot let me Remember you… Though Gmail boasts that it is a Free Email service with Free Storage.. But only provides Free Storage Upto 7400+ Mb.. Later You will be charged some $$$ to extend the Free Space!

Having Said That, Buzz’s Hyper-activity could Soon Ruin your Free Space on Gmail. If You want to Check How Much Free Storage is available for you on Buzz, Just Navigate down in your Gmail’s HomePage to see The Available Free Space and Spent Space…

I found that 2% of Free Space was Consumed from past one month and I suspect it is all due to Google Buzz effect! Soon You and Me will be Notified by Google to Upgrade the Space Paying some $$$ for space! How is That? Would You Go for it?

The More You follow in Google Buzz, The More Updates you get from Them, The More Space it Consumes… Also, Do Mind Seeing your ‘Sent Items’… If You use Google Buzz extensively and Comment on your Friends Statuses … All those will be Present in Your Gmail’s ‘Sent Items’ … Which Clearly Shows How Much Memory are you wasting Just because of this new Service Buzz!

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How to Protect your email id in public pages from Spam?


We have heard people saying not to put your email address publicly on Web. We are also aware of formats like name[at]mail.com an alternate for contact address. Publishers are facing a Very Serious Problem in disclosing their Email id publicly.

It hurts when you are supposed to share your email id in Articles, Response Pages,Some Public Forums, Contact Us Pages and elsewhere. We all fear of sharing email addresses because of bots which identifies the email id format username@company.com. These bots crawls pages for possible email ids and starts sending spam mails to the address. Your Inbox will soon turn into a dustbin with huge spam mails.

The Question is How to Prevent this problem of email getting Spammed. Here I have a permanent solution for this problem…. I will be writing in this Post how you could share your email id in public places and still make it unreadable by automated bots…. So Next time when you share email id you will be assured that only human can read email address and not any bots! So No Spam by Bots!

Our Objective is to Make our email id only Human Readable…. for this we have a Program called CAPTCHA. CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Human Apart.. So Let us see how we are implementing the CAPTCHA concept in hiding mail ids from bots…

Our Objective is to make an email ID similar to chet@chaaps.com

We Use The Technique of reCAPTCHA mailhide, reCAPTCHA Mailhide helps in protecting your mail inbox by asking people to solve a reCAPTCHA before they can view your email id.

4 Simple Steps to Protect Your email address

Step 1: Visit mailhide.recaptcha.net.

Step 2:
You will be Prompted to Enter your email address. which looks like Screenshot below.. After Entering the email id Click on Protect It!

Step 3:
Once You Enter Your email id and Click on Protect, It generates a unique html code for your entered email address. Just copy the html code generated to your clipboard or save it in a notepad to keep it handy.

Step 4:
Use The above Generated HTML code in your Contact Us Pages, or any other section which you like. Rest assured that your email address is completely protected… So Whenever you Share this Code in Pages… it will display adm@chaaps.com instead of admin@chaaps.com

The Person who wishes to See Your email id has to be HUMAN and has to click on of protected email id.. when Hovered it Prompts “Reveal this email address“. On Clicking it, It displays a CAPTCHA which can be solved only by Human! and be assured that none of the automated programs could break your email address.

What’s More! Start Protecting your email address from today with reCAPTCHA mailhide. Use your@company.com instead of yourname@company.com.

Say Goodbye to formats like yourname[at]company.com instead start using your@company.com

Hope you are benefited with this post, So do you mind a Share? Comments are Appreciated! 🙂 Have you ever tried with Captcha protected email address in public Pages?


An Email ID for 10 Minutes



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