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Facebook introduces Gen ’10 Messaging

Facebook E-mails is no more a rumor and earlier today Facebook announced of this new feature in the San Francisco press conference.

We already had messages in Facebook, What’s new?

Ans: Even though if there are 500 million people in Facebook, E-mail services combined has a relatively more strength. This concept of E-mailing allows people to send/receive messages from people who are not even on Facebook. Also

What’s new with Facebook E-mails?

The all new Facebook Messaging

You can watch this video from the facebook team for better understanding of this new messaging system:

How do I get my Facebook E-mail address?

Go to this link and Click on “request invite” and you’re done with your objective if and when the text in the button changes to “you will receive an invitation”. [Credit: Netchunks]

Have any questions? Head to the FAQ of new messages in facebook.

Do let me know your thought about Facebook’s new E-mail system by dropping by your comments.