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Press 9 to Reach Customer Care in Tata DOCOMO [TV Ad]


Tata DOCOMO, is the Brand Which always works to Keep things Simple giving a higher priority to its Customers. We Can Always Evaluate the performance of a Telecom Operator by Keeping Customer Care as a Measure. The Kind of Response you receive for your Query, how fast and accurate you get the information, how easily you can reach the Customer Care at Anytime. All These Reflects The Kind of Service the Operator Offers for you….

Tata DOCOMO has gone one step Ahead by Introducing a New Method to Reach Customer Care,, If you are a DOCOMO User, and if you are messed up with some issue, all you need to Remember is a Single Digit ‘9’
.You Can Reach Customer Care Just by Dialing the Number 9 from your Handset.

Here is The Animated TV Ad by Tata DOCOMO with Message Why go through multiple levels to get help? Press 9 to talk to our customer care. Only fair, isn’t it?

[I Like the Sound when it Jumps :)]

To Check how the Service Works I Conducted a Small Experiment on my DOCOMO Phone. I was wondered how this could happen with a Single Digit! I dialed 9 from My Phone, Initially I was disappointed as i had assigned the digit ‘9’ for Speed Dial for some Number. After Switching Off The Speed Dial, I dialed 9…It Worked Like Charm, My Cell Started Displaying “Calling Customer Care” . By then I came to Know by Default Docomo has Added “Customer Care” number 121 in its SIM Card Memory. I Still didn’t give Up!!, I deleted the “Customer Care” contact from address book and then dialed 9… Surprise!, I was redirected to 121 which is Customer Care Number for Tata DOCOMO!! [Nice Work DOCOMO :)]

After The Welcome Message, I Pressed 9 during the Call, and I heard “Please Wait, while we Transfer the Call”!! Cool!! This Works like Charm!
Conclusion: No Need to Press That and This to Speak to an Operator, all you need to do is Remember the Digit “9” in Tata DOCOMO!


Wanna party with the IPL stars??? Tata Docomo *141#


IPL matches witness a lot of drama with some exceptional wins, some tear shedding, awesome wickets and mind-blowing strokes. Everyone gets to watch these moments but only the rare ones get to share the scene beyond the field with the cricketers.

Tata DOCOMO bridges this gap for their consumers and brings to them a chance to party with IPL cricketers every day. The IPL cricketing action ends at 11 pm every day, but the excitement continues @ Tata DOCOMO MTV IPL Nights. What jazzes up the Tata DOCOMO MTV IPL party scene is our cricketers, some foot-thumping music by DJs, celebrities and much more. Tata DOCOMO & MTV lend their distinctive touch to IPL, to make it even more exciting than it already is.

All you have to do is purchase a Tata DOCOMO Daily Pack and answer few simple questions. To check out all the available plans and more details, visit ‘tatadocomo.com/daily-plans.aspx’. Answering the contest question correctly may give you a chance to win passes for about 40 parties across India at Tata DOCOMO MTV IPL Nights. The winners are chosen through a lucky draw. Consumers may join parties at Delhi, Jaipur, Mohali, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Chennai and Kolkata. DO remember that the contest ends on 18th April 2010 and only subscribers with a local connection of the represented state are eligible to participate in the contest for that state. So get ready to groove to the tunes and party with your favourite cricket stars. To check out more details visit ‘tatadocomo.com/party-with-ipl-stars.aspx

Choose your Daily plan. Win your chance!!!