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Wanna party with the IPL stars??? Tata Docomo *141#


IPL matches witness a lot of drama with some exceptional wins, some tear shedding, awesome wickets and mind-blowing strokes. Everyone gets to watch these moments but only the rare ones get to share the scene beyond the field with the cricketers.

Tata DOCOMO bridges this gap for their consumers and brings to them a chance to party with IPL cricketers every day. The IPL cricketing action ends at 11 pm every day, but the excitement continues @ Tata DOCOMO MTV IPL Nights. What jazzes up the Tata DOCOMO MTV IPL party scene is our cricketers, some foot-thumping music by DJs, celebrities and much more. Tata DOCOMO & MTV lend their distinctive touch to IPL, to make it even more exciting than it already is.

All you have to do is purchase a Tata DOCOMO Daily Pack and answer few simple questions. To check out all the available plans and more details, visit ‘tatadocomo.com/daily-plans.aspx’. Answering the contest question correctly may give you a chance to win passes for about 40 parties across India at Tata DOCOMO MTV IPL Nights. The winners are chosen through a lucky draw. Consumers may join parties at Delhi, Jaipur, Mohali, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Chennai and Kolkata. DO remember that the contest ends on 18th April 2010 and only subscribers with a local connection of the represented state are eligible to participate in the contest for that state. So get ready to groove to the tunes and party with your favourite cricket stars. To check out more details visit ‘tatadocomo.com/party-with-ipl-stars.aspx

Choose your Daily plan. Win your chance!!!


Tata DOCOMO CREATE gets Musical


Tata DOCOMO CREATE platform has gained momentum in recent times and respects the power of ‘DO’. Through this platform, TATA DOCOMO wishes to felicitate the individual prowess by the way of opening up its brand to people and asking them to co-create it through this platform.

Tata DOCOMO has now extended this platform to establish a groundbreaking association with their consumers through “Music”. This platform invites talented individuals across India to play with the brand signature tune element of Tata DOCOMO and create various renditions. The participants can re-create, re-compose or remix the Tata DOCOMO brand signature tune into a 30-60 second tune. The result has been a true boon to music lovers. The platform has received over-whelming response so far and the spirit of the ‘DO’ers who believe in their music skills and have the confidence to participate in the CREATE Music contest is admirable.

Recently a music band named “Aurko” from Bangalore, impressed the judges with their creative skills and got an opportunity to perform on the popular show “Music ka Maha Muqabla” at Star Plus. Their entry had come through the CREATE Music platform’s association with ArtistAloud.com. This opportunity was a massive encouragement for other aspiring musicians in India, who might be presented with similar opportunities to showcase their talent through this platform. To hear Aurko’s winning performance, visit ‘create.tatadocomo.com/music.aspx’

Very few brands in India engage with consumers actively and in actual allow them to co-create their brand. Tata DOCOMO is proving to be an exception. Tata DOCOMO CREATE platform is India’s first (World’s first too, possibly) to actually employ user-generated creative messaging in their brand communication.

The last day of the CREATE Music Contest for the Online platform is 31st of March, 2010. To participate in the CREATE Music Contest or listen/vote for the numerous entries that have been submitted till date, visit ‘create.tatadocomo.com/music.aspx’. The winners might have the opportunity to have their tunes showcased by Tata DOCOMO through Television, Online platforms and other such public mediums.


Free Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Orkut with Tata DOCOMO BuddyNet


Are you a facebook addict?

Do you love micro-blogging on twitter?

Are you always on orkut??

Do you have a profile on linkedin and Nimbuzz?

If you have answered “yes” to all the questions above, try the next one.
Does your mobile bill burn a huge hole in your pocket??

Yes?? 🙂

Then, jump into the TATA DOCOMO’s Buddynet bandwagon! So, now you can chat endlesslly with your buddies, update your facebook status at the drop of a hat, send out tweets, poke somebody and so on and so forth. All free of cost!! You no longer have to worry about your increasing mobile bills. All you have to do is to register for TATA docomo’s buddynet and you’re done.

How To Register for Tata DOCOMO’s BuddyNet to Use Free Twitter, Orkut, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gtalk on Your Mobile?? (How to Activate BuddyNet Social Network sites Plan [GPRS])

Just Sign Up for “BuddyNet” Here. >>SignUp

The Buddynet schemes don’t end here. You can talk to your buddies at 1p/6 sec for local calls & 1p/2s for STD calls. You can also use your balance to gift recharge to other DOCOMO customers and also share your talktime with your buddies!!

Here is The Promotional Video for BuddyNet on Tata DOCOMO (buddynet Ad)

So, get ready to DO a lot lot MORE with TATA DOCOMO!