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UI design and Online Wire Frames design


It is human tendency to go ahead and do a U/I design without bothering about the actually usability of the software. When we design for a closed target audience it doesn matter how the u/i  is but when your software is gonna be used by unknown audience then oh-boy u are in serious trouble.

I personally su*k as U-I designing. But i’ve come to an understanding of the importance of it. Take it like this. if google search screen had say 400 line of text input would you visit it ? its simple . has  one text box. two buttons with  clear purpose which gives a world of solution.Now thats called a U-I design.

Things that i think are very imp while designing U-I

  1. Simplicity
  2. Atomicity
  3. Clarity
  4. familiarity
  5. use of accepted design


When designing be sure to  make it simple . Dont complicate . Eg. To create a new connection.Give a icon with a image and clear label of its purpose.Don show mickey mouse photo and connect label because you like the cartoon.


One click per operation. Make sure you don torture the user. Don surprise the user with lotta info. Give him wat he/she wants.


Be sure of the functionality.If two things can be done in same way then be sure navigation to them are same.Don make user to find stuff. No one like hide and seek (except hide and seek biscuit . i personally hate those . ).


Make the ui very familiar.  Use convention from mac ,windows.Linux just copies them so don bother lookin into it. If u wan raw access to computer use linux .Anyway back to the topic. for example for copying allow ctrl+c ctrl+v. use shortcuts thats there every where. Allow drag and drop .etc…NO one like to go to pluto to cook food and similarly no one like to use software that looks like rocket launching main frame.

Use of Accepted design

make sure you use accepted design principle . Eg datagrid for show matrix info. use Dropdown for select one field. Reduces Pop-Up counts Etc,

Ok i took some months to understand these.But i encountered a site which helps you in picturing the final u-i before actually coding it.


Using this online portal you can get a basic picture of what u wanna do and bam bam of coding :). The site is simple and really powerfull. There are other software which allows you to do it but this is online and you need not bother out installing and such.

Got ideas,suggestion,view or comments  Keep them flowing:)


Design Your Own Twitter Background with Themeleon

We always love colors and beautiful background for our twitter profiles. There are many services for decorating our twitter profile background, help me with my assignment but if we need to design according to our taste ? then Themeleon is the best choice. We can customize our twitter profile page in 3 easy steps.


Themeleon is an easy to use generator to customize your twitter profile page. You have the choice of the more than 683,853 background patterns and 1,041,687 color palettes available on COLOURlovers, or you can customize any of the colors or patterns to get just the right design for you.


A Beautiful Twitter Profile in 3 Simple Steps:


Go to Color Lovers and Login to Twitter


2. Choose your background (pattern or photo) and your colors


3. Save your settings & Share your work.


You can preview your changes instantly, but they’re not saved until you click “save changes.” Just Drag and drop colors to arrange the order they’re in your pattern or profile settings. You can also use the Undo button to correct any mis-clicks or wayward color choices.

Themeleon – Homepage

Try out yourself and leave your comments =)

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Top 83 Extraordinary PC Case Mods for Geeks and Technicians

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Click here to watch the Slide show

Make sure you install the newest version of

It may be old for some people, but just I wanted to share with you all ..

This is the 100th post on chaaps .. cheers 😀