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A new world record in wireless data transfer


Looks like we are on the threshold of another revolution in the field of technology. Siemens has just set a new world record in wireless data transfer by achieving rates of 500 Mbps. The previous record was also held by the same company for producing a data transmission rate of 200 Mbps.

Visible Light Communication (VLC) basically involves modulating the amount of light emitted by white LEDS using a power supply and then transmitting it. On the receiving end, photo detectors are used to convert the light pulses back into electrical pulses. Researchers claim that they could achieve a data rate of 500 Mbps over 5m distance. By combining such LEDs they say that it is possible to transmit data over long distances at about 100 Mbps.

How exactly is this going to benefit us? VLC will be of immense help in medical & other mission critical applications as they will not interfere with radio frequency waves. Also, it is nearly impossible to ‘tap’ the data carried by the VLC as only the photo detector positioned within the light cone will be able to receive the data. Eaves droppers can thus be stopped by simply drawing your curtains!

Such high data rates definitely seem to be promising, but it is yet to be seen if this can be implemented on a larger scale.