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Online Gaming Options for Cricketing Lovers


Cricket LoversIPL3 is just ended and now its the turn for International T20 World Cup. I think the cricketing fans are now enjoying the Cricketing Feast. As it is also the summer vacation, it is the best time for the cricket lovers to enjoy the Game.

Not only the real cricket that which comes seasonally, many Gaming Designing Companies like EA sports, Sega, etc were also involved in developing the Game that which should provide the great cricketing experience for the Gaming Lovers also.

Now, Many websites have been evolved which are offering the Online Cricket Game. These games are really making a great impact in the Industry, as millions of Lovers were playing the game daily according to recent analysis.

Here is my list of Websites that are Offering the Online Cricket Games:

  1. SLOGOUT : Experience the rich cricketing interface. It makes you feel as if you are playing the real cricket. You will have 2 options here, Just Slogout, Slogout Classic. You should register in the site in order to play the Full version game.
  2. nPower Cricket Game : Are you vexed with T20’s and 50 over matches and want to play the test match that lasts for long time, this is the best place for you. This provides you a 12 over match with 10 batsmen and the only player who play is you!
  3. Super Sixers : Play the ball as a batsmen bowled by Blower according the pitching mark. Try to hit the ball as far as you can to score more points.
  4. Gully Cricket : A cool little street cricket game. CONTROLS Mouse to move bat. Click to hit.
  5. Body Line Cricket : Here in this game you act as a bowler and your goal is to hurt Batsmen. Keep Pressing Space to point out the pitching of the ball in order to hurt Batsmen.


Download T20 World Cup 2010 Schedule by ICC [April 30 – May 16]


Looks like the cricketing season is far from over. In case the Indian Premier League has not yet quenched your thirst for cricket(Know why IPL Sucks), then watch out for the T20 world cup 2010. Starting from April 30, the 3rd installment of the ICC T20 tournament will be held in the West Indies.
t20 worldcup 2010 logo

Twelve international teams will be battling out in the dry, hot sun to lay their hands on the trophy. The 12 teams are further divided into 4 groups

Group A – Pakistan (A1), Bangladesh (A2) and Australia
Group B – Sri Lanka (B1), New Zealand (B2) and Zimbabwe
Group C – South Africa (C1), India (C2) and Afghanistan
Group D – West Indies (D1), England (D2) and Ireland

As far as India is concerned, we have to face South Africa & Afghanistan in the group stage. As Afghanistan is a relatively new competitor, there is no formidable threat from their side. Yet, we need to buckle up as there is fear of exhaustion of the Indian players after the long drawn IPL.

So, who do you will emerge as this year’s T20 champions? It is a tough call, I would say. India emerged as the champions in the inaugural tournament after beating Pakistan in a dream final. Pakistan stunned the rest of the world by snatching the trophy beating Sri Lanka. Does West Indies have a chance this year due to the home advantage? Will they be able to capitalize on this? Or will it be the dominant Australians this year??
We have to wait n watch i guess.

Here is the schedule of the T20 world cup 2010. Make sure to take a print out of.

t20 worldcup schedule 2010t20 schedule 2010 icc cricket

Download ICC T20 2010 World cup schedule in PDF Format

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Who is Your Hot Favorite to Win the T20 World Cup This time??


Oongli Cricket – An IDEA Saves Ekalavya’s Finger [TV Ad]


So, you’re a cricket buff eh? You know Tendulkar’s world records by the heart. You worship the Indian cricket team and pray for every match. You’re dream is to play cricket for India? IDEA actually gives you a way to partially fulfill your dream. Oongli Cricket is targeted at IDEA mobile users and allows viewers to participate in this unique game. All you need to do is to make optimum use of your fingers and send in the correct answers to the question. The questions of course will be based on the happenings of IPL-3.

IDEA’s unique marketing strategy seems to enormously help them in establishing the credibility of the brand. Be it the “Walk while you talk” campaign or the “Use Mobile – Save Paper” one, they have been successful in getting the point through to the user. I like IDEA ads for their sheer uniqueness of thought. Every ad of IDEA is unique and also drives in the fact that IDEA cellular service is also unique. As an ardent observer of various marketing techniques, I intently wait to see IDEA advertisements.

Recently, I watched a video which is a take on the story of “Drona-Ekalavya”. The ad is about the Kaurava & Pandava princes practicing archery at a gurukul when our hero,”Eklavya” arrives. He is challenged to a duel by Arjuna and we find that he outsmarts him in every way. And just as in the original story, Drona demands Ekalavya to cut off his right thumb and present it to him as Gurudakshina. Here comes the twist in the tale. Eklavya refuses to part his thumb. The reason ? He wants to play Oongli Cricket!! 😀 This ad left me in splits! I never expected this traditional Guru-Sishya story to end in Oongli Cricket! In case you haven’t watched it yet then you can watch it here.

Thats the best part of IDEA’s advertisements! The message pops up when you least expect it.
What an IDEA sirji? 🙂


Why IPL Sucks? Does IPL 3 Deserve the Attention it is Receiving?


Lalit Modi must surely be one happy man. The 3rd installment of his brainchild has become a phenomenal success. People simply can’t seem to get enough of shortened version of the game.Marketing is on in full swing. But let’s take a closer look – behind the glittering facade. Does IPL really deserve the attention it is receiving? My answer would be a humble “No”.

Why IPL sucks?? This is why 🙂

1) As any ardent cricket buff would know, IPL questions the very integrity of the original test match. The introduction of ODI’s eroded the viewership of test matches.And it looks like History would certainly repeat itself with the IPL threatening to destroy ODI’s. And whats worse is that cricket has now been reduced to a 3 hour bollywood movie! You even have cheerleaders who provide the bollywood item number effect.

2) Cricket is no longer the Gentleman’s game. In fact it has turned into a an ugly commercial venture with players being auctioned like objects.
Remember the first installment of IPL when Mr.Vijay Mallya publicly lashed out at his team for their poor performance? Pressure from all sides is bound to take a toll on the players. And with just a break of 5 days after the IPL, they are expected to gear up for the upcoming T-20 World cup! Phew!!

3) The talk of recognizing young talents in India through the IPL is just a myth. Why do we have foreign players in an “Indian” Premier League? Really Mr.Modi, why can’t the IPL have only Indian players??
Give a chance to hundreds of youngsters playing gully cricket, who struggle for fame, for recognition. Give the veterans of the Indian Cricket team a well deserved break. The gross injustice done to players of Indian origin is evident from the “price tag” that is fixed on them. An Indian player gets a meagre salary compared to his foreign counterpart, that too in a tournament hosted by India. Isn’t this unfair?

4) The money that is being generated in IPL-3 has been the highest so far! Experts estimate that the tax from this event will cross 500+ crores! When huge amounts of cash are being traded, I feel that the organizers have a social responsibility to fulfill. Why not invest a portion of the money in funding new talents in the game? Why not lend a helping hand to the forgotten sportsmen who had brought laurels to our country?

Gone are the days when cricket used to be a simple bat-n-ball game. Gone are the days when an occasional century from a stalwart was held with awe. The IPL has transformed cricket into an ugly 3 hr extravaganza! And I’m clearly not enjoying this!