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Photos at the Belkin Product Launch

Chaaps "Exclusive" snaps and pics at the Belkin India Product Launch

You would have already read the Belkin India Press statement. And here are the pics we captured of the various peripheral components and Laptop accessories offered by Belkin.

Belkin laptop bags
Belkin Laptop Bags

Belkin Power adaptor
Belkin Power Adaptor

Belkin compact mouse
Belkin Compact Mouse

belkin wireless mouse
Belkin Wireless Mouse

belkin ultimate wireless mouse
Belkin Ultimate Wireless Mouse

belkin surge protectors
Belkin Surge Protectors

belkin cooling lounge for laptops
Belkin Cooling Lounge for Laptops

belkin headphone hubs
Belkin Headphone Hub

belkin wireless routers
Belkin Wireless Router

belkin surge protector with 16amp plug
Belkin Surge Protector Home Series

belkin laptop cooling hubs
Belkin Laptop Cooling Hub

belkin usb charging station
Belkin USB Charging Station

belkin wireless combo
Belkin Wireless Combo

The launch of these products completes Belkin’s consumer equipments portfolio in the IT peripheral category. Belkin is already successful in marketing their products in the networking solutions category. Apart from networking and consumer categories, their products have also gained recognition in the Mobile Computing field, Structured cabling field, Energy efficient products and Power protection devices.

Mohit Anand also quoted during the event that it is the World No. 1 manufacturer in providing Apple accessories. An Appleboy always knows Belkin products very well because of the extensive work they put through while developing the best iPod and iPad cases for Apple devices.

Anyway we wish them the best of luck for all their future innovations. Visit Belkin to know more.


Belkin Product Launch Official Coverage: New range of mouse and keyboards


Belkin India recently launched their newest range of computer peripherals, keyboards and mouse devices, here in Bangalore. And our team just happened to be there to report what new gadgets they had in store for us.

If you didn’t already know, five of Belkin products have already been awarded with 2012 CES Innovations Award and the California based company offers the widest range of consumer electronic products in India and abroad. Although not recognized as a major market leader in the Tech industry, Belkin products are rapidly gaining influence over the Indian IT market lately.

belkin official product launch bangalore

Here is the official Press Release by Belkin India,

Belkin targets to attain sales of Rs. 250 crore in 2012

Bangalore, November 29, 2011: Belkin India, a leading provider of interconnectivity solutions across computing and consumer electronic devices, announced its plans for 2012-2013 with an aggressive strategy to reinforce its strength and spread across product categories.

The company registered a robust growth of 62 percent in 2011 over 2010 and announced growth target of 60 percent in 2012. Belkin India recorded revenue of Rs. 150 crore in the year 2011 as compared to Rs. 95 crore in 2010 in the Indian subcontinent. Belkin India aims to target sales of Rs. 250 crore in the year starting from October 2011 to September 2012.

To accomplish the growth targets and to widen the product portfolio, the company has launched its wired and wireless keyboards and mouse range. With the launch of these products, Belkin India aims at completing its wide portfolio of products in the IT peripheral category. To support the product marketing and brand building activities in India, the company has earmarked a marketing and advertisement investment of Rs. 12 crore for the year 2012.

Speaking on the occasion Mohit Anand, Managing Director, Belkin India subcontinent, said: “Since our inception in 2009, Belkin has been able to establish a strong hold in the Indian market. After our success in India, we have begun to establish a strong foothold in the SAARC region. In the year ahead, Belkin plans to consolidate its position as a pioneer in path-breaking technology, innovation combined with great emphasis on customer relevant products. The company also plans to strengthen its business through an aggressive sales channel expansion in the tier II and tier III markets for its business and expansion.”

Further expressing his delight Mohit added, “We are very excited about completing our product portfolio in the IT peripheral category with the launch of Belkin wired and wireless keyboards and mouse range. We have appointed Supertron Electronics Limited as our national distributor for Belkin keyboards and mice range. They will help us to gain further inroads into wider markets.”

Also, in order to provide better after sales service to Belkin customer, the company has launched a 24×7 technical support in Hindi. This initiative will make Belkin the first IT company in India to provide this service in the local language. Belkin customers can dial on the nationwide toll free number 1800 419 5546 in case of any technical support required. Also, Belkin has set up more than 50 service centres in the country where any Belkin products can be replaced across the table.

Belkin aims to add greater convenience to the lives of people working on computers at home and in offices with their latest launch keyboard and mouse to meet the specific requirements of the Indian customers.

Belkin has launched the K100; a wired keyboard with multimedia keys. It features spill resistant design with a USB and PS/2 compatible and comes with a three-year limited warranty. The mouse range launched today includes wire and wireless mouse with optical and laser technology. The company also launched their combination package in wire and wireless configuration.

All of these products come with a three-year limited warranty. The MRP of the products are:
– Wire and wireless mouse range from Rs 429 to Rs. 1,199.
– Keyboard – Rs 569.
– Combo package ranges from Rs 869-Rs 2,629.

Please take a look at our exclusive live event pics and captures of the latest Belkin Laptop Cooling Hubs, Surge Protectors, Cooling Lounges, USB Charging stations, keyboards and mouses, and Ultimate wireless combos.

Also don’t forget our HANDS-ON Review of the Belkin F5L051QQMDD Retractable Comfort Mouse.


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