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Comic Craze: Steve Jobs next on the line!

Steve Jobs is going to become a comic star. Yes every other kid on the planet is going to know him now. The comic books publisher “Bluewater Productions” had already released earlier a comic book character based on Mark Zuckerberg. It sold out very quickly.


Now its Steve Jobs turn. Although the publisher didn’t give any superhero name to him, the book has been titled as “Steve Jobs: The co-founder of Apple”. It is a 32 page comic book unlike Mark Zuckerberg’s lengthy 48 page comic book, this book will definitely catch millions of eyes.


The book consists of a biography of the legend in a comical illustration. According to Bluewater Productions President Darren Davis:

“His innovations command front page news, speculation on his health affects the stock market. Not bad for a college dropout, I’m surprised it took us this long to publish a proper, balanced biography of him.”

Perhaps this Stevey comic craze has hit every other comic book publisher. A similar biography of Steve Jobs is all set to be published by yet another technik, CNN king-pin and also a former TIME whiz “Walter Isaacson” called as iSteve: The Book of Jobs which is supposed to release on March 6,2012. But that’s a bit late in queue.

The book by Bluewater Publications is already available for pre-order at Amazon and is tagged at just $3.99. Grab your copy right now. Other famous titles published by Bluewater Productions include “Sarah Palin”, “Adam West”, “Angelina Jolie” and also the famous popstar “Lady Gaga”.

Slice a comment to let us know what you think about this comic craze. Are you a Comic book fanatic like our Sheldon Cooper or are you not intrigued by Comic books at all? Let us know.

The Perfect Picture: What is Marketing, Advertising and Branding?[PIC]


Here is a Picture which Clearly Describes What exactly is Marketing, Advertising and Branding. Let us Straight Away have a look at it


Marketing is Nothing but defining themselves what they are and Promoting it in a Good way. Of Course, to Communicate in an effective way, the terms like “Excellent”, “Good”, “Reliable” are used. Just like the man says “he is a Good Lover” in the above pic.


Advertising is all about Creating an Impact! Stressing the Point ‘what they are’ again and again in all different flavors and fragrances. if Advertising is done Excessively to Create an Impact it could possibly result in Flop Show! (After listening to “I am Great Lover” thousand times, The Girl would possibly Slap nicely on man’s Face) ..PS: Remember advertisers, Too Much is Too Bad (Irritating)


The Best Part is Here… After a Particular Time Span, When the Things are delivered continuously, effectively and consistently where the users gain a kind of “Trust” on the product, May be it is a Right time to say the Product is “Branded”. Remember, “Branding” has to be done by receiving end. “I understand, You are a Great Lover” – Statement is not easy to hear! Also, “Branding” can impact in other way too! Just like the Great Lover would remain a Great Lover Forever!

Photo Credits goes to “The Next We Shareables”. Hope you Enjoyed Reading this Article.. What according to you is “Marketing”, “Advertising” and “Branding”?