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Cola Wars : Akshay Kumar in the most expensive Cola ad ever

The Cola wars just got bigger! The Coca Cola company has just shot its latest commercial with Akshay Kumar. This is touted to be its most expensive ad made at a whopping 4.5 crores!! Akshay will be endorsing Thums Up, the largest cool drink in India.

Thums Up has always been promoting itself as the drink of the macho man. These advertisements are known for the dare devil acts performed by its brand ambassadors. Be it jumping from a multi storey building or jumping down from a moving helicopter, I think Akshay has done it all. And since this is to be the most expensive ad, it will be interesting to see what daredevil acts Akshay will be performing this time.

Of course, when Thums Up is busy shooting its new ad with AK, its rivals are not far behind. Coca cola has signed Imran Khan as the brand ambassador of coke replacing Hrithik Roshan.This may come as a surprise for Hrithik’s fans but I guess the makers of Coke want to focus on the youth now. So, very soon, we will have current heartthrob Imran selling Coke. And who knows, uncle Aamir Khan may be helping him too.

so…folks! Stay tuned to your tv sets! Lets wait and watch for these ads to come 🙂