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google+ new chat system makes debut

I think Google+ Chat is better than Facebook Chat!

A few days back, Google+ had rolled out a new chat system on the social network. As soon as i logged into my Google+ account, a small info message appeared telling me about a new chat feature.

google+ new chat system at a glance

Apparently the Google+ team has now made chatting with people on the social network much easier than Facebook. According to the new feature, you can now chat with the people in your circles and also pick out specific circles you wish to chat with in the future. This is a great relief for me as i can safely select which circles i want to chat with and safely deselect circles that i have no interest in chatting with.

now only choose circles you wish to chat with on google plus

Also one another unique feature about Google+ Chat is that, if you are currently not logged into Google+, you will still be able to chat with those people in your circles by using other Google products such as Gmail, Google Talk, Orkut etc. And guess what you no longer need their e-mail addresses either to start a chat. Isn’t that cool? Unlike Google+, Facebook doesn’t give us an advantage like that because, lets be serious people, there are no Facebook products available other than the social network itself.

But please note that you can only chat with the Google+ people provided they too have added you in their circles. The Follow should be mutual, just like in Twitter. You can DM a person in Twitter only if both of you follow each other. Lance Ulanoff on Mashable has explained it very well,

 It’s a little like Twitter’s direct message rules, which only allow successful transmission of direct messages if the sender and receiver are following each other on Twitter. It’s also a bit like Facebook Chat, which allows open discussion between mutual Facebook friends.

SO what do you think of this new Google+ Chat system, is it smart enough to beat the crap out of Facebook Chat? Please comment. We would also like to chat with you on Google+, please add us to your circles!


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