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Follow 6 Genuine Bollywood Celebrities Verified Accounts on Twitter

Twitter mania everywhere, its spreading like wildfire and for your suprise India stands 3rd largest twitter using nation. In just couple of months, India has moved from being a country in 9th position to 3rd one – Indians are using more twitter and having a nice time..


There are more than 50 bollywood celebrities on twitter, but im not sure whether their twitter accounts are original or not. so here we have 6 bollywood celebrities whose accounts are verified with twitter.

What is a verified account?

To prevent identity confusion, Twitter is experimenting (beta testing) with a ‘Verified Account’ feature. They are working to establish authenticity with people who deal with impersonation or identity confusion on a regular basis.

Accounts with a twitter_verified are the real thing! To know more about verified accounts read here.

Follow 6 Verified Bollywood Celebs on Twitter








If you know some bollywood celebrities with verified accounts, do mention @ comments – So that I can add it to the list.

Who is your favorite bollywood star on twitter ?