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3 Ways to find What’s trending in the Internet

Internet trendsThe Internet is a viral media and is highly inconsistent – Once, the talk of the town may be about Google and the next moment it may turn out to be Justin Bieber. Bloggers usually read other blogs to get post ideas but it is best to write what is most discussed and talked about.
Alright, But where to find what’s trending in the Internet?
Well.. I have tried to compile the top three resources to keep track with current trends in the Internet:

1. Google trends

Google trendsIn India, wherever you go you are caught by a Malayali. In Internet, wherever you go you are caught the glimpse of Google. Google trends involves much ‘instant’ updates which depends on the number of searches of the given keyword in a given time. Writing articles about trends in Google might give you a million times the organic traffic that you normally get.

If you have most of your traffic from India check out: Google Trends India
If you have more global traffic check out: Google Trends [Global]

2. Alexa hot urls

Alexa hot urls is powered by Amazon.com. This depends on the number of hits in a particular page from a browser with the Alexa toolbar. The requirement of toolbar ensures that the predictions aren’t 100% correct. Though Alexa hot urls must be considered before writing a post, we must not depend much on it because it neither gives SEO benefit as Google nor does it give 100% correct predictions.

Alexa hot URLs

3. Tweetmeme

Tweetmeme is usually present in almost all blogs nowadays. Instead of heading to your feed reader and hunting for the trending post or checking each and every blog you know, you can just head over to http://tweetmeme.com and find out what’s most trending in Twitter.


If you want to see the trending keywords in Twitter, do visit What The Trend.

Whenever you go blank and wonder what to write about, I am sure these resources will help you out. Do share how you gather ideas for your posts and how you catch up with the trends of the Internet?

Google Buzz displays Google Ads for your Shared Feeds and Posts


One More Reason to Share the Stuff on Google Buzz! If You have Integrated your blog/website (with adsense enabled feed) with Google Buzz account, there are more reasons to Smile.

From Past 2 Days, Google is showing Up “Ads by Google” on your Content. The Ads will be displayed along with your Feed content… Location of Ad Units depends on your Feed settings for ads.

The Above Screenshot is taken from my Buzz feeds. I have Highlighted the “Ads by Google” in Red. The display of ads into your Google Buzz feed could boost your adsense earnings…. Yes, I tested it… The Ads are displayed solely of yours (I checked out the Pub-id, it matches mine).

This is a Very Good Initiative by Google… Now “sharing is caring” can soon turn into “Sharing is Earning” .. I am Impressed with the Google’s move of displaying ads in the Buzz stream…

How to Enable Ads for your Feeds if You have not enabled??
How to enable Google Ads on buzz?

If You have enabled ads for Feeds already you may skip this step.. The ads were displaying for your feeds (you might have noticed when you have read through google reader)

If you haven’t adjusted the settings for feed ads.. You could Just Visit your Adsense account >> Adsense Set up >> Adsense for Feeds And follow the Instructions there..

Please Note- You Got to Wait, To See Ads on your Feeds.

What’s your Reaction on Google Adsense on your Content in Buzz?? leave your Clean Comments..


Google Buzz – Do you like it???


The latest topic in tech town is Google’s Buzz service. With the popularity of Orkut decreasing day by day and stiff challenges from competitors like Facebook & MySpace, Google would not want to make any more mistakes now. And looks like Google is ready to compete with the microblogging world too. Google’s Buzz service seems to be an open challenge to highly popular microblogging site, “Twitter”.

Buzz was launched about a week back and is already gaining popularity among the net savvy. But, I have my own reservations about it. Of course, the best part of Buzz is that it is integrated into gmail. Thats good news because you don’t have to build your friends network right from the scratch. And you don’t have to bother to follow anybody either. You can automatically receive updates from all your gmail contacts. And you can even share pictures and videos too.

But what are the minuses with Buzz??? If you’re a businessman using an official gmail id, then I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate receiving Buzz messages in your inbox. And you would hate it when hundreds of your official contacts end up following you on Buzz.

Being a great admirer of Google and their innovative strategies, I’m naturally disappointed with Google Buzz. I’ve always expected something “new” from the software giants. But lets face it folks – Buzz is a rip-off of twitter. Providing support for multimedia, giving it a new look or integrating it with gmail does not make Buzz any way better than twitter. Google should have tried to come out with a new path-breaking concept and we all know that they are best at doing that!

So, in conclusion, Buzz seems to be a last minute contigency plan by Google to make sure that they remain in the competitive social networking market. Hope that Google comes out with something bigger, better and innovative next time