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Vodafone Busy Message Advertisement. TV commercial by Vodafone India.


Vodafone launches its brand new Busy Message Service.
You Can Now Set Busy Message and let your callers know when you are unable to take their calls.
Vodafone has Released a Beautiful Advertisement For this Busy Message Service.vodafone busy message
The ad is simple in its kind. This 45 second video has captured how a person will be scheduled with his routines, For Each Action the person does, he keeps that as Status Message. The Ad consists of 5 Instances . In the first Part, A man will be bathing, and he will be happily singing I am taking a shower..
Second Instance, A lady will be riding her bike on road she says I am riding in traffic!
Third Instance, An employee lady will be in a conference or meeting she says I am Busy, I am in meeting.
Fourth Instance, Another Man, who consults a dentist for a check up, he says I am Busy, I met the Dentist.
Fifth Instance, A Fatso person will be exercising on a gym machine having a bowl full of food, he naughtily says I am Working out, Just working Out.
Sixth and Final Instance, A small baby sleeping on its dad. The Man in Sleepy mood sings: I’m Sleeping, Sleeping, Sleeping….
Slowly The Camera Goes Away From Him..
It Covers The Apple placed on Table so beautifully, The Camera Work is Excellent! What Not, The Music is different of its Kind.
This Ad Has Brought new life to Television Advertisements..
Vodafone Ad Agency is keeping Up There Good Work by Creating Wonderful , Unique and Creative ads….

Have a look at This Video:
Video Ad Title: Vodafone Busy Message Caller Tune.
Youtube Link

The Song Goes Like This:
Oh I am Taking a Shower
I am riding in traffic
I am busy in a meeting
Oh i’m busy i met dentist
i’m working out just working out
i’m sleeping sleeping sleeping…….

To Activate or To Know on This new Busy Message Service Provided Vodafone you can visit the official Vodafone Website at this link
Charges Details:
SMS to 56789 @ Rs 3 / SMS
Calls to 567678 at Re 1 / min for browsing.
Monthly subscription Rs 30 / month

Have a Look at The List of Busy Messages:
BATTERY – The person you have called is low on battery at the moment
BUSY – The person you have called is busy right now and cannot take your call
CLASS – The person you have called is in class right now
DINNER – The person you have called is out for dinner
DRIVING – The person you have called is driving right now

Other Keywords Available:
You can even record your own personalised Busy Message
You Can Set The Busy Message at whatever Situations you would like using the above Keywords Sending an SMS To 56789 from your Vodafone Mobile.
Charges Details:
SMS to 56789 @ Rs 3 / SMS
Calls to 567678 at Re 1 / min for browsing.
Monthly subscription Rs 30 / month

Download Vodafone Busy Message Ad Video here